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Salesforce Preparing for your Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Sample Questions (Q40-Q45):

Tracking Alias question:

  • A. Same URL
  • B. Can be found in some reports
  • C. Email Conversion Tracking
  • D. Differentiate clicking email

Answer: A,B,C,D

A customer wants to create a mobile app that requires users to log in or register before accessing their dat
a. Their source of truth is Sales Cloud which is connected to Marketing Cloud. Users who log in with existing credentials will have their device associated with their ContactKey. Users who register with the mobile app will not have their devices associated with a ContactKey for up to 24 hours.
What consideration should a consultant provide to the customer?

  • A. Existing users will create additional Contacts in Marketing Cloud.
  • B. All mobile app users will create additional Contacts in Marketing Cloud.
  • C. Newly registered users will create additional Contacts in Marketing Cloud.
  • D. User device data is unavailable in Contact Builder for up to 24 hours.

Answer: C

A customer wants to segment point of sale system data stored in Marketing Cloud with data from the Contact and Campaign objects in Salesforce.
Which two tools should be used? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Salesforce Reports
  • B. SQL Query Activity
  • C. Synchronized Data Extensions
  • D. Filter Activity

Answer: B,C

Northern Trail Outfitters has created child business units (BU) for their different regional offices. They want to limit subscriber records by BU, so users who are assigned to a BU can only view and send to Subscriber records in their region. A Profile Attribute named 'Region' associates a subscriber to a geographical region.
How could they ensure subscribers with a matching 'Region' Profile Attribute value are available in each BU?

  • A. Select 'Define Subscriber Filter' for each BU on the BU Setup page and configure a condition to match the corresponding Profile Attribute.
  • B. Create a list in each BU and add subscribers with a matching Region to the list.
  • C. Create a measure for each corresponding 'Region' Profile Attribute and include the measure in a Filtered Data Extension for each BU.
  • D. Open the the Profile Attribute Properties for the Region' Profile Attribute and select the 'Filter Subscribers by Attribute' option.

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to implement an abandon cart journey. The data for the journey exists in three separate data extensions (DE).
* The first DE is populated by web analytics data, and does not contain a Subscriber Key or Email Address value.
* A Customer Reference DE is updated daily and holds subscriber information.
* The third DE is populated by a file sent to the SFTP after five days If the customer has not purchased the abandoned items.
* The third DE will be used in the journey for a decision split, and it does not contain a Subscriber Key or Email Address.
* If the web analytics file is empty, NTO does not want the automation to finish running.
Which order of activities should be used to fulfill this requirement?

  • A. File Drop Automation > Verification Activity > Query Activity for file one > Data Extension Entry > Query Activity for file two
  • B. Scheduled Automation > Import File Activity > Verification Activity > Data Extension Entry > Query Activity for file one > Query Activity for file two
  • C. Scheduled Automation > Import File Activity > Data Extension Entry > Query Activity for file one > Query Activity for file two
  • D. File Drop Automation > Import File Activity > Verification Activity > Query Activity for file one >
    Query Activity for file two > Data Extension Entry

Answer: D


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