PvP Warrior Tank in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic (WoW BC)

As a result, bear TPS is expected to decrease by more than 30% in the pre-patch compared to Phase 6 of Classic. For Alliance bears, this will feel similar to tanking without Blessing of Salvation on your DPS, and in raids without Blessing of Salvation, you will most likely not be able to hold aggro at all. To make matters worse, Fury Warrior DPS is expected to increase significantly in the pre-patch, resulting in a threat margin for tanks that is even larger than it was in Classic. If you are a member of a competitive raid team, it is recommended that you no longer tank high priority kill targets in raids and instead concentrate on low priority targets where high TPS is not required. Similarly, if you were previously main tanking any bosses in Naxxramas, you will most likely have to give up that role during the pre-patch and DPS more frequently in your raids. People are beginning to purchase WoW Classic gold in order to take their gaming experience to the next level as Cassic's popularity grows.

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Despite the exciting changes mentioned above, bear tanks are unfortunately significantly less viable in the pre-patch than they were in vanilla. On the surface, this appears to be a strange decision, given that bears have gained a powerful new Threat generator, Mangle (Bear), as well as the scaling buff to Swipe. However, the pre-patch introduces two significant nerfs to bear Threat generation that outweigh these improvements:
The Threat generated by Maul (before the bear form modifier and Feral Instinct) has been reduced from 1.75 times the total damage dealt to just 1 times the total damage dealt plus a static amount of WOW classic TBC gold on each successful cast. This is a significant nerf to the ability, making it more similar to Heroic Strike and reducing it from being the highest Threat per Rage ability in vanilla to the lowest in TBC. The Savage Fury talent no longer buffs Maul or Swipe, resulting in an additional 20% nerf to Maul Threat. If you want to play a Paladin in Classic World of Warcraft after buying some cheap gold in Classic, then Paladin is the way to go.

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In addition to the changes to the bear rotation, the next major pre-patch change to keep an eye out for is an increase in your Dodge chance when compared to Phase 6, even when wearing the same gear. The reason for this is that the amount of WOW TBC classic gold required for 1% increased Dodge has been reduced from 20 in vanilla to only 12 in the pre-patch at level 60. Due to the fact that most feral gear contains significant amounts of Agility, this change results in a more than 20% increase in Dodge chance for bears in a raid environment. On the other hand, you will notice that your total Armor in Dire Bear Form has increased during the pre-patch, but your % damage mitigation has decreased! The auction house as well as the bank, where you can deposit your vanilla World of Warcraft gold. Let's take a quick look at Anduin, who didn't have much of an impact.

The next positive change that bears will notice in the pre-patch is that Swipe now scales with the druid's Attack Power, rather than dealing a fixed amount of damage as it did in vanilla. This means that even in single target situations, it is actually worthwhile to use up your remaining global cooldowns (GCDs) by spamming Swipe. This is a significant improvement over vanilla, where the lack of scaling on Swipe rendered it effectively worthless as a Threat generator, and it was only used as an excess Rage dump. The combination of Mangle (Bear) and Swipe makes the pre-patch TPS rotation a lot more enjoyable than it was in vanilla, when bears simply spammed Maul as the sole Threat generator. In the pre-patch, Maul serves instead as an excess Rage dump, similar to Heroic Strike for Warriors, so bear gameplay revolves around managing your Rage to Maul as much as possible while making sure that you never miss a Mangle or Swipe cast.

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The Ritual of Refreshment will be available to level 70 mages in Burning Crusade Classic, which will generate level 65 Conjured Manna Biscuits, which will restore both health and mana, eliminating the need to conjure separate food and water. If they are in a party or raid, the spell will conjure a Refreshment Table where they can help themselves! A table has 50 charges and lasts for 3 minutes.

The advantages of being a Retribution Paladin are a combination of your ability to perform insane bursts through seal twisting, as well as your powerful defensive abilities. With abilities such as Cleanse and Blessing of Freedom, the Ret Paladin can truly assist a warrior, allowing the warrior to remain on the enemy druid or priest as long as is necessary. They can also provide setup for a kill with Hammer of Justice, and you have your own damage Cooldowns in Avenging Wrath (but keep in mind that it is a Magic Ability, and Mages can Spellsteal it).