Osrs has really crappy combat, shitty graphics and rs 3 gold matches people. RS3 has better images (but still seems bad), much better and more intricate fight if you arnt biased against it, better and a whole lot more story material, but has microtransactions everywere (except you are entering a match where people have maxed level/gear years and years past anyways, so being able to get stuff is somewhat immaterial ). Its easier to level in general (osrs lacks material in the future ), but theres more to do with these amounts, and higher caps to the mostpart which arnt easier to get to.

I really don't understand why you're getting downvoted (I do), but yeah the pictures were cool back in'06. The battle requires more to click on compared to anyplace else on the monitor and is complete crap. I loved RS2, do not get me wrong, but you will find better MMO's compared to"Arithmetic Simulator". The challenge is that people dont accept RuneScape game for what it is. Nostalgia over everything that they downvote. RuneScape game looks. Even WoW upgraded its looks. But yeah, RuneScape match was great back in the day, it doesnt hold up anymore.

Think of WoW currently is. OSRS=Classic and RS3=Fight For Azeroth. RS3 is what Runescape has evolved in to over the years and is at its heart, the same match, but completely overhauled. Combat went damage swings and do, you swing and do damage, to skills and full action bar skills. They also included a lot of MTX that makes RuneScape game simple and requires a lot of the soul and sense of accomplishment out. OSRS is RuneScape match has been using a ton of QOL additions and material, in 2007. It can be played like a simpleton or you can go complete nerd that was sweaty and min max your efficiency. You are able to do something similar to click on a tree and have your character passively chop logs to increase your woodcutting level at the same time you pay little to no focus.

Or you may do something engaging such as fight bosses for hours trying to obtain a sought with a rare fall chance with their very own mechanics. You come close to running out of things to do and never can spend hours and hours on that game. I just have 1 maxed out ability to buy runescape gold safe and personally have over 1k hours in my personality. Actually it requires the player 2300-2500 hours to max out each skill level and theres only skills. That doesnt include the item searching, money earning, minigames etc in RuneScape game. If you love grinding and having a sense of achievement proceed for OSRS. And of course OSRS is working on mobile phones. I wouldn't recommend RS3 personally.