With the innovation of domestic sheet production lines, the thermoforming industry is showing a booming trend. Thermoforming sheet processing technology is also varied with different equipment, materials and uses. The increasingly mature sheet processing technology has gradually broken the old conventional theory now. LITAI shares with you the thermoforming machines and processes of plastic pp products.


PP (polypropylene) thermoforming sheet is currently the most widely used and largest type of sheet in positive pressure thermoforming in China. The dosage is almost the same. At present, the "disposable" plastic jelly cups, sanitary cups for drinking water, soy milk cups, tofu boxes, etc. that can be seen everywhere in the market are almost 99% made of PP sheet thermoforming.


In the "disposable" yogurt cup market with an annual production volume of tens or even tens of billions, PP materials also occupy most of the country. In daily life, "disposable" fast food boxes, instant noodle bowls, cold drink cups and other products are processed by thermoforming of PP sheets, and it is hard to count. Plastic packaging products processed by thermoforming of PP sheets are used in medicine, The application in light industry, toys, food, tourism and other fields is really common. The main reason is that PP material is one of the lightest plastic varieties, and the material cost is low. Secondly, the price of raw materials is relatively cheap, and the market supply is sufficient and easy to buy. In addition, the production technology is easy to master, the ingredients are simple, and it is easy to process.


Most of the plastic products are processed by thermoforming process. After a series of processes such as sheet clamping, heating, molding, cooling and demoulding, the desired plastic products are made. In the whole process, the molding process is both important and complex, which will directly affect the quality of plastic products.

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Most of the thermoforming processes of plastic products are carried out on the molding machine, which varies greatly depending on the thermoforming method. All kinds of molding machines do not have to complete the above five processes. They can be set according to the actual production needs to ensure that they meet the requirements That's it.


When carrying out the thermoforming process, the size of the clamping device and the forming depth are usually used as the main parameters of the thermoforming machine. In addition, of course, it is necessary to master the operation skills of other process links, otherwise the forming may be reduced. product quality.


In the thermoforming process, the heating system heats the plate to the temperature required for forming at a fixed temperature, so that the material becomes a highly elastic state, and the next forming process can be carried out smoothly. The heat-softened sheet can then be molded into the desired shape through the mold and associated devices.


After the plastic product is basically formed, it is also necessary to cool the plastic product with a certain temperature below the thermal deformation temperature, so that the product is cooled and solidified. Only after the release device is released from the mold, the size is fixed and the product is not deformed.


In addition, there is the clamping of the material in the thermoforming process, especially when using a plastic sheet cut to a certain size, in order to prevent thermal shrinkage and sagging under its own weight, the measures of clamping the sheet around to maintain the demolded shape.

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