Want a cool Halloween costume? Or just want to be brightly lit as you walk and bike around your neighborhood at night? Whatever the case may be, electroluminescent wire—or EL wire for short—is a great way to add some brightness to your life.Get more news about Best Price Luminous Wire Cold Light Wire El Luminous Wire,you can vist our website!

But due to how EL wire is made, different colors of this wire glow at different levels. When you want the best and brightest, you’ll want to go for a strategic color scheme.

Keep reading to learn all about this magical glowing wire and what colors to choose for the biggest impact.

What is Electroluminescent Wire?
Ever saw a super-bright shine from a lamp or streetlight and thought “Wow, I wish I could wear that on my body!” or “That would look so cool on my scooter…”?

Well, if you actually tried attaching a bunch of lights to yourself or any object you’re using, you might run into a few problems. For one, the heat could get uncomfortable. Lots of traditional lights generate heat when they’re on, making them unsuitable for clothing.

Electroluminescent wire is different. Its method of glowing doesn’t require extra heat, so it’s great for wearing and displaying in places where people might touch it. This makes it a wonderful wire to use for all kinds of hands-on projects.

The Natural Color of EL Wire
You won’t be able to fully appreciate the beauty of electroluminescent wire in the light of day or in a brightly lit room. To see the magic happen, it’s time to dim the lights.

Now, you might notice that EL wire comes in a variety of colors—pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, and more. But EL wire actually has a natural aqua hue. So how do the manufacturers get this rainbow of colors? They filter the light.

The coating of the wire itself can be clear, but it can also come in different shades to produce the effect of a differently colored wire.
White EL Wire
You might find yourself wondering how you can filter aqua-colored light to produce a white hue. The answer lies at the other end of the color wheel. Yes, that’s right—a pink filter will result in bright white EL light.

White isn’t the brightest-colored EL wire, but it is a close second. So if your goal is to be seen, white EL wire is an excellent choice.

Red and Purple EL Wire
If brightness is a top priority for you, you might want to avoid red and purple shades for your electroluminescent wire. These hues go through the most filtering, meaning they will be duller than other wire colors.

Still, though, even red and purple EL wire can be quite bright. So don’t feel like you will lose the electroluminescent effect if you need these colors. They’ll just be less bright than the options closer to EL wire’s natural color.

Have Fun With Flexibility
People everywhere love electroluminescent wire for its radiance and visibility, but that’s not the only thing this wire has going for it.

EL wire is also pretty bendy. So when it comes to shapes and cool designs, the possibilities are endless.Want to create a skeleton look on your favorite hoodie? What about some pretty flowers? You can do it all with EL wire.

The bendiness of this wire also comes in handy for general ease of motion. When you attach EL wire to your clothing, it will move with you rather than make you stiff.

Still, there are limits to EL wire’s flexibility. Check out the recommendations in your instruction packet to make sure you won’t accidentally break your wire.