If EA releases a card using a Madden 20 coins player and lists him as a RE but actually plays ROLB I should be in a position to place that Madden NFL player at ROLB free of penalty. However this won't let you put a Madden NFL player at a position they do not play IRL. (Exception being OOP promo).MUT has been a reskin for many, many years, it's outdated and clunky. The store should have a bunch qty alternative for those that want to buy numerous packs. Sets should be smarter and less dull to complete (referring to the action of incorporating everything to some set).

Binder complete rehaul using a lock option so you can never quicksell, set or auction the card before Lock is eliminated. Auction Block including more options and using a maximum bid input could be really nice, not capping auctions at 20 would be great also. Really I can record many changes on the UI side but that would take forever it is time for a change.

Give more packs in every manner one of the greatest joys in MUT is opening a bunch and getting lucky give us more chances with this or have like a select one strategy" Random -- OVR Elite or Game Changer Bundle" only 1 example I thought of.

This is a controversial one but remove them completely and replace with 2 team masters (64 total Madden NFL players) that have team boosts to particular stats for cheap Mut 20 coins players of the identical team (no physical boosts though) I am attempting to escape from similar appearing squads and everybody with the exact same Tillman and Tory Holt.