Online shopping is one of the most amazing conveniences this generation has seen. It allows you to order nearly anything—from takeaway food, groceries, clothes, pet supplies, etc. You just make a few taps on your smartphone. Your order can arrive in minutes or land on your door in just a few days.

Cannabis products and accessories—vaporizers, pipes, dab rigs, bongs, rolling papers—are also found online via retail shops and suppliers known as online headshop. They offer so many benefits as compared to your traditional brick-and-mortar store that, by the end of the article, you’ll definitely want to grab your smartphone and click ‘Add to your cart’ for that smoking device you’ve desired for so long.

Advantages of an Online Headshop


Convenience is on top of our (and everyone’s) list. There’s no match to being able to shop for your daily needs and smoking cannabis essentials from the convenience of your own home. It’s downright easy to browse, and you can do it anywhere or anytime with an internet connection and a smartphone. You don’t need to bother about store hours since online shops are accessible 24/7.

There is no need for annoying sales reps that force on old stocks or insist you into rip-off deals—you have control over the products you search for and purchase. The ongoing pandemic has directed to community lockdowns in varying degrees. Due to restricted mobility, local stores may be closed, and suppliers may not have as much stock. But this doesn’t have to prevent you from getting your supplies. There’s minimal human contact in online transactions or even none at all. All Purchases and payments are automatically processed, and the only human interaction you’ll have outside your home is to sign and receive your package. This ensures your health and safety while getting you the supplies you want and need.


Online Smoke shops offer lower prices than physical retail stores since they have less overhead costs. They don’t pay rent or pay sales staff. This allows online smoke shops to deliver better alternatives that work well with your budget. You can even compare costs from multiple sites and make informed choices for your purchase. In addition, customer reviews and user ratings can also give you an idea if the smoking accessory you’re watching is worth the buck.


The best headshop features an extensive collection of smoking supplies and accessories. Products are sourced from trustworthy suppliers. Glass and wood products are made by skilled artisans and pass strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. Products are also aptly described and shown to showcase the product from all angles. Descriptions regarding the color, size, and dimensions are also included in each picture.

Aside from multiple choices for CBD vapes, dab rigs, bongs, pipes, grinder and other accessories online head shops can also deliver monthly subscription boxes you can take advantage of.


What could be more precious than the best deals? Free shipping. Most online smoke shops offer free shipping for orders anywhere in Germany. Online headshops associate with trusted carriers to deliver your things in discreet boxes. However, you just need to be patient as most deliveries come within 3–4 days after placement. Some shops may need IDs or signatures as proof of delivery to ensure only adults receive the parcels.

Product Support

Online shops also provide excellent customer service. They have staff on standby to answer your queries about various smoking accessories and other cannabis related products. Returns for broken and damaged items are acknowledged, and replacements are promptly shipped. You can access an online headshop via their website, or you can shoot an email, and you’re sure to expect a good response.