One of the coolest increments to GTA San Andreas contrasted with the past ones was the way that the hero could have lady friends. So assuming that you needed, CJ could have close connections with specific ladies. In this article we will show you how to find and, obviously, how to prevail upon these young ladies!

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Denise Robinson
Denise shows up on the Passionate longing mission . CJ saves the young lady from a fire, which causes her to be everlastingly thankful to the hero. Be that as it may, she has areas of strength for a, character and won't give Carl Johnson trouble. Since she gets a kick out of the chance to shoot individuals and hit up Los Santos parties, there is a decent compatibility with the player.
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives close to CJ, in Ganton, close to the extension
Accessible time Between 4 pm and 6 am
Go out to eat There is an eatery close to her, Ten Green Chimes, which is her number one. Eateries cheap food are additionally great decisions
Go out to dance She likes the main dance club in Los Santos, the Alhambra.
Go for a walk Denise could do without to go not even close to home. Take it in your vehicle and speed up at whatever point "FUN" shows up on the screen. Stop the vehicle close to equal groups for her to shoot them.
Gifts Of roses
Coffee Denise welcomes you for espresso when your relationship with her ranges 40%
Rewards With half relationship you get Denise's vehicle keys, the Hawker
With 100 percent she gives you the Pimp Suit, which is the pimp outfit
Millie Perkins
The Way to heart mission is the second when you and Millie meet. CJ kills Benny and mimics him to win Millie. She finds the arrangement, which will prompt burglary, however says nothing since she needs a portion of the cash. There is the choice during the mission to kill her, which makes it conceivable to finish the mission a lot quicker.
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas
Accessible time Between early afternoon and 10 pm
Go out to eat Any eatery satisfies Millie
Go out to dance Go to a club close to The Camel's Toe
Go for a walk Millie could do without fast. Simply drive with her around your area, at medium speed
Gifts There is compelling reason need to give a gift, as long as you wear the Gimp Suit and appear at her home. It will be a sexual experience that will give 10% to the relationship, however it won't include as such in the measurements
Coffee Millie welcomes you for espresso when your relationship with her scopes 40%
Rewards With 35% of relationship you go to Millie's home to get the Key Card that CJ needs
With half you approach the Millie Club vehicle
Helena Wankstein
Helena is perhaps of CJ's most troublesome sweetheart. It isn't not difficult to satisfy her, beginning with the way that Carl should have a limit of 25% of muscles. So on the off chance that you're completely siphoned up when you meet Helena, leave CJ starving for 3 days, swim and run a ton to remain "dry". Have minimal fat and a great deal of sex claim .
Dice Tasks to perform
Location She is working on shooting close to the Ammu-Country of Blueberry, Red Region
Accessible time Between 2 pm and 2 am and between 8 am and early afternoon
Go out to eat The Universe of Coq is the nearest eatery to Helena.
Go out to dance Alhambra is the most ideal choice. Do no less than 4,000 dance focuses to intrigue Helena
Go for a walk Drive gradually through the fields close to Helena's home
Gifts No explicit gift

Katie Zhan
Katie Zhan rehearses Judo and is a medical caretaker. It ought not be difficult to win, yet you want to have no less than 75% muscle and high Sex Allure . This is one of the lady friends with the most benefits for CJ, since she keeps you from losing your weapons while taking a Squandered .
Dice Tasks to perform
Location Lives in Juniper Empty, San Fierro
Accessible time Between early afternoon and 12 PM
Go out to eat She likes to go out to supper, with Paradiso Burger joint Café as near her home
Go out to dance Gaydar Station is the club nearest to your home
Go for a walk Take it for a stroll in Chinatown or in beach front regions. She inclines toward moderate speed. In the event that she requests to speed up something over the top, don't, as the "Good times" bar will go down
Gifts Nothing explicit
Coffee Katie welcomes you for espresso when your relationship with her arrives at 52%, after the finish of a date
Rewards When you go to the medical clinic, you won't lose your weapons