Acne scarring is a very challenging and stubborn problem to treat. Sometimes acne scars can be a permanent problem. If someone is suffering from acne breakouts and acne scarring, they already understand the frustration associated. Adults with acne scars are also looking for a solution to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Acne scars treatment is the standard aesthetic procedure at Citrine Clinic; they're known for offering the best and most advanced acne scar treatment in Gurgaon Read on for more insights on acne scar and their treatment:

Reasons for Getting Scars:

  • If acne is left untreated for a very long-time, it leaves a scar. Which penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Excess use of chemically treated cosmetics
  • Touching the acne again and again
  • Squeezing or rubbing the acne
  •  If the skin produces less collagen
  • Genetic, if someone in your family is getting acne

Types of Acne Scars:

  1.   Box scars
  2.   Ice pick scars
  3.   Rolling scars

Treatments for acne scars:

Following treatments are offered by the best acne scar treatment doctor in Gurgaon at Citrine Clinic. These include:

TCA Cross: This treatment is safe for acne scars and performed under experts. First, clean the face with a cleanser and cover the eyes for safety. TCA is used explicitly on spots, not on surrounding skin. An excellent blunt end point instrument is used for its application.

Chemical Peels: Chemical peels amazingly work on acne scars. These are meant for discoloration. In this treatment, doctors use strong acids that remove the upper layer of the skin and reduce acne scars. Some mild solutions can be used at home, but doctors use robust solutions that give outstanding results to the skin. These are good for all skin types.

Laser Resurfacing:  This treatment also helps remove the skin's upper layer and reduce acne scars. This treatment has a faster healing time than other resurfacing treatments. But one should cover the area with a bandage until it's completely healed. This treatment is not suitable for those who have acne or active breakouts. Another treatment called carbon laser peel is offered to manage active acne.

Microneedling: It's a device that has tiny needles on it. After numbing the treated area, the needle roller is used to puncture the numbed skin, but it doesn't go through a lot. This treatment helps to reduce the depth of the scar and also helps to produce collagen. It's good for deep acne scars.

Microdermabrasion: This treatment helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dirt and dead skin cells, and clear the pores. That also works on the upper layer of the skin. This treatment is suitable for shallow box scars and rolling scars.

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