Motor shaft machining is to process the motor shaft. So, what related issues will be involved in this machining process?

  1. In motor shaft processing, why the higher the surface finish, the better after motor shaft processing?

This is because, as far as possible to improve the surface finish of the motor shaft, it can effectively improve the fatigue life of the motor shaft and its overall aesthetics. Moreover, at the same time, the surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the motor shaft can also be improved, so as to obtain a good processing effect. However, it should be noted that the surface finish is not as high as possible.

  1. Has the motor shaft been processed so far, have there been any improvements and improvements?

Motor shaft machining can have a variety of options in terms of machining form or method, such as traditional machining methods, that is, precision turning, grinding machine machining, and manual polishing. However, in order to save the process, shorten the processing time, and improve the processing effect, special surface processing equipment can be used to process the motor shaft, so as to achieve the above-mentioned purpose. So, on this question, the answer is yes.

  1. What equipment will be used for motor shaft spline processing? In addition, does the concentricity of the motor shaft affect its machining?

Motor shaft spline processing is within the scope of motor shaft processing, so it is also an object we need to understand. The equipment used in the process is mainly cold rolling machine and spline rolling machine. In addition, there may be others.

The concentricity of the motor shaft has a certain impact on the machining of the motor shaft, because if its concentricity is not good, then during the installation process, the problem of shaft eccentricity will occur, which in turn will affect The accuracy of motor shaft machining. Therefore, in this respect, no mistakes can be made.

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