We know exactly what you need to kick-start your MBBS studies. From the beginning of the first year, you will observe that your fellow students will look for skeletons, reference books, and surgical equipment. You might decide to borrow a disarticulated skeleton or an adult skull from your seniors, but here is the best deal. You don’t have to please your seniors with a skeleton and be worried about it constantly, it's better to order one from Medioks now at an exciting discount offer. Purchasing high-quality disarticulated skeletons and surgical equipment will help you in your medical journey.

Disarticulated Skeleton:

The disarticulated skeleton, which includes amazingly natural bones created from a cast of a real human skeleton, is ideal for classroom use. The bones themselves can be taken up and examined, and a waterproof marker can be used to write on the material of the bones.

Types of disarticulated skeletons:

Disarticulated Skeleton Half Side:

An excellent substitute for real bones in the instruction of any level of anatomy These fake bones are composed of polyresin and were created by copying real bones; as a result, they have the same surface and texture as real bones. Handmade and hand-painted bones 95% of the original bones' anatomy is replicated. With Medioks, you can buy the Disarticulated Skeleton Half Side at 15% off. Order Today

Disarticulated Skeleton With Skull:

An adult life-size disarticulated skeleton with the right hand, right foot, and 3-part head on wire include an extraordinary number of bones and other structures, along with other anatomical features. The right hand and foot are entirely disarticulated, whereas the left hand and foot are joined. Anatomical model skeleton with bony landmarks; does not come with a stand and is not intended for assembly.

There are no nasal bones and no interior markings (such as the sphenoid) in the skull, and the mandible is not detachable (held in place by the mandibular arch). The skull has all of its structures present, and the calvaria (skull cap) is removable with access to the internal structure and has the external acoustic meatus.

Adult Skull Life Size:

The movable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines, and 3 removable lower teeth—the incisor, cuspid, and molar—are all included in this life-size adult skull and divided into three parts. 

Medioks Dissection Kit:

The Dissection Kit includes ten pieces of instrument: a dressing scissor sharp or blunt, a needle, forceps, a scalpel handle, a detachable blade, and a needle. The surgical equipment is made of stainless steel with a matte finish.