Do you have to wash your face after applying the mask? There are many types of face masks, which are generally divided into two types: washable and disposable. Today, Beaubeaux, distributor of the Cellreva range, talks to you about whether you need to wash your face after applying different types of masks.

Let's first understand how to use the leave-in mask

Before using the leave-in mask, you should clean the skin and clean all the oil and dirt on the surface of the skin, so that the active ingredients contained in the mask can be well absorbed and utilized by the skin.

Unsuitable people for leave-in masks

If you have very oily skin, don't use a leave-in mask. Because the leave-in mask will make your skin not breathable enough, and the oil cannot be discharged, then it will lead to acne and pimples. If you have acne-prone skin, try not to use it, or avoid acne-prone areas.

Everyone likes to take off the paper mask and there is still a lot of nutrient solution on the face, often like using skin care products, massage a few times, until the nutrient essence is fully absorbed, then apply skin cream and keep it overnight. But not all masks can do this, and this method is not suitable for any skin type! Most masks can be washed with water after use and then carry out follow-up maintenance work. Note that oily girls are finishing the mask. To be cleaned later!

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1. One-piece mask can not be washed

Now the common mask is a single-piece mask. A mask contains about 20 ml of lotion essence. After applying the mask, gently massage until the remaining lotion on the face is absorbed. At this time, your face already has a thin layer. The protective layer does not need to be washed off, and the follow-up maintenance procedures can be carried out! However, it is still determined according to your own skin condition. For oily skin, it is recommended to wash it with water, and then apply toner and refreshing lotion or cream.

2. Tear off the mask to clean

The peel-off mask is generally used to clean the pores. This mask must be washed off. After washing, use a toner that shrinks the pores, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as enlarged pores and loose skin! Be sure to apply a hot towel to your face before use. Open the pores, which is more conducive to cleaning the garbage in the pores.

3. Sleep mask

The sleeping mask invented for convenience in recent years, as long as a layer is applied evenly enough, you can sleep comfortably. Note that the disposable sleep mask is only in certain periods, and you do not need to wash it, not you can not wash it. If you have sensitive or oily skin, use some more hydrating and refreshing sleeping masks! The overnight mask is more moisturizing and may cause acne on the skin!

4. The jelly mask needs to be washed with water

Jelly masks are generally referred to as wash-off masks. This kind of mask will feel a little sticky on the face when it dries, which is very uncomfortable and can easily get on clothes and pillows. So it still needs to be washed. Most of the liquid masks are of the gel type. If this smear-type mask is to be effective, it needs to be applied in a thick layer to be effective. The standard is to see the original skin color. In autumn and winter, it is still not recommended to use jelly masks. At this time, the skin needs a little temperature to allow the skin to absorb nutrients.

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