Add To Heart: 18 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

Show how much you appreciate your loved ones with gifts that celebrate your special bond.

valentine's day gifts

Photo Credit: EnlivenStores

Whether you are planning a romantic evening with your partner or celebrating the day of love with your bestie, a sweet present helps make the occasion even more memorable. We have an exhaustive list of exceptional gift ideas that express your love–for every budget. Surprise your loved ones with special gifts handcrafted by local sellers in India.  Buy Childrens Items

Under Rs. 1,000

  1. Candle holder

SHOP: Candle holder from StonewashedStudios, Rs. 845

There is something super romantic about an intimate date night at home. Bring a gift that adds mood lighting to your partner’s dinner table–like this beautifully crafted candle holder with a pink-coloured glass shell that fills the space with a soft glow.

  1. Framed heart map

SHOP: Framed heart map art from Wizzartprint, Rs. 718

Distance can make the heart grow fonder. But don’t let distance come in the way of professing your love for your long-distance partner–and this art print customised especially for them is just the way to do it. You can customise it with different styles, location, names, or a personal quote.

  1. Handmade journal

SHOP: Handmade journal from NspireByNature, Rs. 329

How cute is this handcrafted heart-shaped journal! Made using 100% recycled paper, it is available in different colours to choose from. Add a heartfelt note on the first page or an adorable picture together to make it all the more special.

  1. Scented soy candles

SHOP: Scented soy candles from EarthlyArtistryIN, Rs. 422

A great gift for all the candle lovers–these scented soy candles come in beautifully designed glass jars and will help relax and unwind. They come in a set of two and are made with natural fragrance oils without any harmful toxins.

  1. Heart-shaped necklace

SHOP: Heart-shaped necklace from SterlingGemHouse, Rs. 760

If thinking about Valentine’s day makes classic jewellery come to your mind, we’d suggest you go for a stone signifying commitment and love. This handcrafted red garnet pendant is made with sterling silver and will surely make your partner blush.

Between Rs. 1,000-3,000

  1. Flower resin earrings

SHOP: Flower resin earrings from MajesticMitus, Rs. 1,098

Gift your partner flowers that last forever to remind her of your special bond. These handmade resin earrings are made using real pressed flowers and gold plated authentic sterling silver ear wire.

  1. Red Beanie

SHOP: Red Beanie from UnwindKnotsKnitswear, Rs. 1,457

If you’re not one to overdo the mush on this holiday, this red beanie can be a great way to compliment their style. The completely hand-knitted oversized beanie is perfect for a relaxed look. Added perks: you can also borrow it on extra cold days.

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