If you want a modern and technologically advanced tractor, New Holland will meet your needs. The New Holland 3230 Nx is a new tractor in the NX series introduced by the company. This incredible tractor will redefine the term "farm tractor" in the modern era. This New Holland 3230 Nx will provide maximum torque and high acceleration for agricultural operations. The New Holland 3230 Nx tractor has power steering and an oil-immersed multi-disk break. These features will make driving this tractor more comfortable for you. The New Holland 3230 Nx can provide continuous PTO operations, reducing your working time.

The New Holland 3230 Nx tractor has a sensitive control valve that improves overall performance. The price of this New Holland 3230 Nx starts at 5.75 Lac*. At the above-mentioned price range, the New Holland 3230 tx super model is the ideal tractor to purchase. This tractor generates a lot of torque, which is enough to generate a dragging force of 160.7 Newton-Metres. As a result, if you want to buy a tractor with a low price and higher weight-lifting capacities, this tractor fits the bill perfectly. Furthermore, the New Holland 3230 has 45 HP of power, making it a competitive tractor in the segment.

New Holland 3230 Nx Features -

  1. The New Holland Tractor 3230 NX is a low-cost option for farmers.
  2. Constant-mesh transmission type with a 42-liter fuel tank capacity.
  3. The tractor has a fully constant mesh gearbox with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that aid in power transmission.
  4. This 2WD tractor is efficient and comes with a warranty of 6000 hours or 6 years.

New Holland 3230 Nx Specifications -

  • The New Holland 3230 Nx hp has a power output of 42 horsepower. This powerful engine is mated to a 10-speed transmission with eight forward and two reverse gears. These gears help the tractor perform better on the farm and on the road. The New Holland 3230 Nx is a two-wheel drive tractor with two drive wheels in the rear. The lifting capacity of the New Holland tractor 3230 Nx is 1500 KG. To maximize comfort and productivity, this tractor is available with either mechanical or power steering.
  • The New Holland 3230 NX has eight forward gearboxes and two reverse gearboxes, as well as a fantastic kmph forward speed. Real Oil Immersed Brakes, in addition to Mechanical Brakes, are standard on the New Holland 3230 NX.
  • Smooth mechanical/power steering is the New Holland 3230 NX's exclusive steering style (optional). It has a large fuel tank capacity of 42 litres, making it ideal for working on farms for extended periods of time. The New Holland 3230 NX has a lifting capacity of 1550 kg.

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