MEP Design Firm

MEP Design Firm - Your one-stop consulting engineering shop for energy code compliance, new build and renovation permitting, optimal HVAC system design, and enhanced energy infrastructure.

The MEG BundleUsing MEG for one of our services is good, using us for the entire project's engineering design & compliance scope of work is better.

Choosing between a fragmented stack of subcontractors or MEG's service bundle is a no brainer. Employing MEG for the entire scope optimizes quality control & compliance + time & cost efficiencies.

Monterey Energy Group (MEG)

We are an engineering consulting firm focused on the design of mechanical, energy, plumbing (MEP) systems for residential and light commercial projects.

Founded in 1982, MEG has worked with thousands of architects, builders, and owners throughout the country on projects of every size, budget, and varying architectural character.

Our Mission

To provide thoughtful and creative engineering solutions utilizing a wide range of techniques, experience, and attained knowledge.

Through this approach, we provide customized integrated solutions without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the design, while delivering comfortable and energy-efficient solutions.

We turn our client’s visions into optimal environments and strive to provide the best possible level of service.

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