As a rider, am sure you’ve heard a few things about full suspension electric mountain bikes, moreso its reputation as one of the best options when you are on rough terrains. It’s literary, like a jeep on two wheels! It’s an amazing bike to own, that’s for sure. But now, despite everything you might have heard, there is one thing you wonder about: how easy is it to ride this thing? Well, you are at the right place, as that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. So keep reading to learn more.

What is a full suspension electric bike?

Let’s start by understanding what a full suspension electric MTB really is. Basically, this is an electric bike that comes with a suspension on both the front and rear wheel – or fork and shock, respectively. In addition, it has an electric motor that makes riding much easier. This bike is perfectly designed for rough terrain and especially steep downhill terrain. In terms of composition, a full suspension bike is made from all the common frame materials, which include carbon and aluminum. You will find other manufacturers making it from steel and titanium. This means that from the start, this e-bike is designed to take the hardest beating and to still survive. Also, the bike has disc brakes, fat tires, and wide handlebars, all of which enable the rider to have a comfortable and efficient ride while allowing him/her to push their limits at the same time.

When it comes to the geometry of the full suspension ebikes, it is based on the desired ride style. You see, a bike that has been designed for an uphill terrain might have less focus when it comes downhill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride on both terrains. Also, the wheelbase length and head tube angle enable the bike to keep traction with the ground. But you also know that the angles and the lengths might differ with models.

So, is it easy to ride?

Absolutely! You see, the manner in which the bike is designed is not only to make it comfortable but also easy to handle and control. Of course, when compared to hardtail ebikes, full suspension ebikes are a bit harder to ride because the hardtail is obviously lighter. However, when it comes to rough terrains, you don’t need the lightweight hardtail bike, as it will be very difficult to handle and control. On such surfaces, you most certainly need great traction to the ground. Otherwise, you will have a pretty terrible experience if you attempt to ride a hardtail e-bike or even a regular electric bike. The best electric mountain bike that would give you maximum traction would certainly be one with a full suspension system. For better understanding, here are some of the reasons why we think the full suspension electric mountain bike is much easier to ride than many people would assume;

The suspension travel – the thing is, the amount of travel that you will find in the suspension system can certainly affect how easy the bike is to ride. This is because, more travel will help the bike absorb more of the vibrations and impacts from the rough surface, which will, in turn, make the ride much more comfortable. A full-suspension bike comes with the right amount of travel, which makes it more stable and much easier to handle, especially on rough roads.

The design of the suspension – the manner in which the suspension on both wheels is designed also makes it easy for the rider to handle the bike. Most of the bikes come with a single-pivot suspension design, which is relatively simple and requires less maintenance. You will also find some bikes with the four-bar linkage design, which is a bit complex but still easier to handle, especially for experienced riders.

Damping – full suspension e mountain bike comes with damping, which controls rate the rate at which the suspension compresses and rebounds. These controls can actually be adjusted to suit the rider’s preference as well as the terrain on which one is riding. So, you can fine-tune your suspension with the right dumping controls to ensure that you have maximum stability and you can easily control the bike.

Geometry – as we had mentioned earlier, the geometry of a full suspension ebike, which includes things like head angle, bottom bracket height, and seat angle, can make your ride much easier. Most bikes come with a slack head angle and a low bottom bracket, which is able to provide more stability and control. There are others that come with a steep head angle and a high bottom bracket, which makes the rider feel more agile and responsive.

Weight – as you probably know by now, full suspension electric bikes are a bit heavier than hardtail ebikes or even regular electric bikes, which might make them a tiny bit harder to maneuver, especially for new riders, but many manufacturers are doing everything to try and reduce the weight by lowering the weight of some of its components.

Electric assistance – last but certainly not least, the electric assistance in full suspension e-bikes also makes the ride super easy for the rider, as it provides much-needed extra power, especially when on steep inclines or when on super rough terrains.

Bottom line

As you can see, contrary to the belief of many, full suspension mountain ebikes, do have so many advantages that make them super easy to ride. Starting with its geometry, suspension designs, and electric motor, all of which work together to make the riding experience smooth and efficient. The weight of the bike could only be challenging to the new riders. Otherwise, for experienced riders, this won’t be much of an issue. Ultimately, we can say to know exactly how easy it can be to ride a full suspension e-bike, it will depend on your riding skills, preferences, as well as the terrain you will be riding on. Make sure that you maintain your bike as required and make some adjustments when necessary, and you will be guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable experience for a long time.