In the recent past, the application pool of citric acid has widened at an incremental pace. This development can be primarily attributed to the growing employment of this material in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and metal finishing and cleaning domains. Particularly, the food industry is the leading collaborator to the soaring demand for citric acid. It is used in many processed food products made for infants as it helps in their healthy growth. Moreover, as a natural ingredient, it is an excellent alternative to several synthetic, chemical preservation, and colouring agents. Citric acid is actively being used for slowing down the growth of yeast, bacteria, fungi, and moulds in food items. It is considered safe by many food administration authorities across the globe. These factors are collectively augmenting the paced expansion of the global citric acid market.


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Changing Consumption Patterns to Steepen Growth Curve of Citric Acid Market


Growing awareness about food ingredients and consumption habits has nurtured newfound opportunities for the stakeholders in the global citric acid market. Citric acid is a natural food additive and an outstanding alternative to titanium oxide, monoglycerides, hydrocolloids, edible gums, and diglycerides. The increasing consumer base of clean-label food products is boding well for the demand creation of citric acid. People are increasingly seeking to consume natural and organic food items which are free of functional additives, preservatives, and other such chemicals. These developments are expected to motivate more food industry players to leverage this opportunity and offer food products containing citric acid in the coming years.

Rapid Demand for Citric Acid in Powder Form to Stimulate Citric Acid Market Growth


As the usage of citric acid continues to increase at a promising pace, more variety is expected to gain traction. Citric acid is currently available in liquid and powdered forms. Of late, the demand for citric acid in powdered form has grown considerably as it works excellently as an alternative to lemon juice or vinegar in culinary items. It functions as a chelating agent that can prevent limescale development in evaporators and boilers. Such properties have made it an excellent product to be used in water treatment and manufacturing detergents and laundry soaps. Such developments hint at the presence of notable business possibilities in the global citric acid market.

Europe to Lead Citric Acid Market Owing to Thriving Regional Pharmaceutical Industry


The thriving food and beverages industry in Europe is assisting the region’s status as the dominant citric acid market. Moreover, the major regional economies such as the UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy provide considerable growth prospects due to their mature pharmaceutical industries. The region is brimming with key market players who are actively competing to gain a competitive advantage. Another promising aspect of Europe’s regional landscape is the growing number of breweries. Citric acid is used by craft brewers to achieve a desirable amount of tartness. Such a business environment is healthy for the citric acid market in the region.


Leading Market Entities


Some of the most active players in the global citric acid market include Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd., Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill Inc., Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG, Delek Group, Cofco Biochemical, and Tate & Lyle Plc.


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