Now you can begin cutting bits of carpet. I prefer to cut for the sides of the beds base first allowing overlap the underside 3' by 3' glue and staple in position with the staple gun. If a number of the staples are visible the utilize the hammer to pound them in further. Use your carpet knife to eliminate carpet where in fact the doors are then stable the carpet around the door. Next cover the top and trim around the 4 by 4 posts, and staple. Leave the posts bare for now.condo mounts

With the last 3' by 3' piece cut out a 5 or 6 inch circle in the middle employing a coping saw then attach it to the posts with glue and at the least 3 number 10 or 16 gauge nails. You can now carpet the posts and top perch, (both sides please on the perch), and cut out the carpet to start the hole/door to the perch. Staple around both sides of the door in addition to all edges. On the posts I like to complete attaching carpet with number 8 nails at the least on two sides but all four is best. Nail about 4 nails 10 inches apart on all four sides.

Lay the cat condo on it's side and attach the wheels, (optional), near each corner. First make use of a pencil and trace out where in fact the screw holes are and darken that area with the pencil. Next use an exercise bit that is at the least half the diameter of the screw you use and drill where in fact the pencil marks are. Simplest way to add wheels, I like to complete just 2 opposite holes and then screw on the wheel to the base. Finish out one other screw locations after the wheel is mounted.