ONE PARTICULAR. Insulating skeleton or insulating material
The skeleton typically adopts the injection molding technique, and the quality from the mold, the control on the injection molding process, and the cleanliness of the nasty particles will all trigger its defects. The defects of the framework or insulating components are as follows:
(1) The actual skeleton is short associated with materials;
(2) Damaged;
(3) Broken down by the short-circuit ring;
(4) The framework includes impurities;
(5) There are dirt such as greasy dirt on the surface belonging to the framework;
(6) The padding sheet is pierced.
ONLY TWO. Hanging the wire throughout the winding process of the particular wire package
Shorten throughout winding. Because the stator as well as the frame do not healthy together, the winding needle belonging to the winding machine might not be adjusted to be completely from the upper part of the frame, and there is really a certain arc when winding the needle as well as the wire during winding, which can cause the enameled wire to never be embedded in that designed track The line package, the wire is found, that is, the enameled wire isn't wound on the nasty frame, and there are loops or several loops on the vertical offset or transverse groove wall structure, or slip into the particular gap between the stack as well as silicon steel stator. About the stator, various faults occur most important, and other undesirable phenomena contain:
(1) The first cycle of wire hanging in the beginning of winding;
(2) The skeleton has burrs along with the wire is stuck and can not be embedded;
(3) Waste wires fit in the wire package through production process of staff members;
(4) The wire offer is unilaterally skewed and also fully out.
Third, the wire hanging brought on by the wiring process
(1) The connectors somewhere between the wire packages may not be arranged and stuffed on the frame after welding, and the wire ends are too towards the stator and the finish cover;
(2) After the last round of enameled wire is loose, it falls out of your frame and is definitely not found. Pull it directly on the frame and come with the stator;
(3) Floating wire at the lead wire;
(4) Your thermal protector squeezes released the wire. The general structure should be to wrap the enameled wire throughout the copper core of that thermal protector and cover it that has a sleeve for insulation protection, but if it can be misplaced, it will induce breakdown. 201911ld