Indications of classifications of electronic pneumatic government bodies? How do they differentiate between choices? Of training course, there is some data to choose from. The adjustment structure is actually very simple, as for your single-seat, sleeve this is selected in accordance with the flow size, the user in the selection process so long as you know about your line, the detailed core technology is to choose the structure as well as caliber through professional software package and calculation formula technologies. The following is the group electronic pneumatic regulators for reference.

Here is the actual content list:

l Selection reported by use requirements

l Selection influenced by safety

l Select reported by the application domain

Selection in line with use requirements
Electronic pneumatic regulator by valve core and control device body (including seat) a couple of parts, according to various use requirements have various structural forms, pneumatic film control valve is mainly through single seat control device, double-seat control valve plus high-pressure Angle type command valve.

Atmospheric pressure change occasions, the choice connected with fluid pressure imbalance form top oriented one-way managing valve, is a compact volume, simple structure but can adapt to harsh working conditions from the single-seat electronic pneumatic regulator. Due to use of an unbalanced spool, along with the small design of multi-spring video actuator combination, appearance tremendously reduced. Because there will be no fluid pressure balance structure, the series of regulating valves are especially suitable for lots of fluids.

Selection based at safety

The regulating valve with the electronic pneumatic regulator possesses two forms: the open valve along with the closed valve. According towards safety and use demands of different production operations, when the signal strain is interrupted, the regulating valve is within the open or shut position, and the harm caused into the process production is determined by the size. If the valve is due to the closed position if your harm is small, the particular gas valve is preferred, the signal pressure will be interrupted, the regulating valve is at the closed position, normally, the gas closed valve is selected.

Select based on the application domain
Nitv electric proportional valve may use electrical signals to adjust the environment pressure, through the shift of air pressure constant stepless regulation, remote control and program control, significantly facilitate the operation involving personnel. For continuous or maybe stepless regulation of atmosphere pressure working environment, especially suitable for this electric proportional valve to are likely involved. So, what are that characteristics of NITV line electric proportional valves? Nitv line electric proportional valves are usually sensitive and stable. NITV series electric proportional valves can come up from either analog end product (DC1-5V) or switched productivity (NPN/PNP). NITV series electric proportional valves come in three models: NITV 1000/2000/3000 set. Nitv series electric proportional valve with cable plug directly to 3M, no cable television plug.

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