That is one of OSRS gold these things that won't change because in the event that you eliminate the click and stage facet you remove one of the most basic components of RuneScape. Removing click movement would piss off people, although I believe that it would be good to have WASD as an option.

I like the tick rate for the same reasons you despise it. Can recover an actions I neglect to carry out so long as it is within the time frame offered by rs's tick speed. But yeah everything else I agree with, particularly the shit servers. I wanted to start performing even Vindicta with these servers is a garbage encounter although studying Telos. I'll still become mid 30s-low 40s kills but since these servers are amazingly shit when there's more than 200 ppl are in a 35, that I have to junk my clicks and orbits.

I believe that tick prices are an issue as soon as you get your head around how ticks work. You can use them for your advantage. It could be quite the struggle to remove ticks, but also not to alienate your whole playerbase. It is not an issue of understanding ticks work. It is that in an action bar combat game, obtaining a 600ms delay on your activities feels like taking a swim.

Good point. I leaned more. We need to sense how it felt, everything would have to be far quicker like boss strikes, which means you have to slow them down - leading one to return where you started. Everything in RuneScape is balanced round that tick speed, which means you may have to Buy Rs gold balance everything back into the pace that was new, basically reworking the entire game - seconds wouldn't even be seconds till u reworked that.