Trees are beautiful and help us make our property look lively and beautiful. But it is also essential to maintain them properly when you have time on your property. To know more about it, click here. Sometimes, trees fall on your property. But there can be instances when your neighbor's tree will fall on your property or your tree will fall on your neighbor's property. So, who will be responsible for the fallen tree? Who will bear the cost of tree removal service Marietta? To determine this, check out the tips mentioned below.

The Reason behind it

The first thing that you need to do is look at the reason why the tree has fallen. It may have fallen due to environmental causes such as wind, hurricanes, or any other such incident. But it can also fall due to negligence. If the tree has not been taken care of properly, there can be such cases. If the tree is diseased then also it can fall. To know more about it, visit here.

Owner of the Tree

There may be a lot of trees in your surrounding landscape. But who does the fallen tree belong to? If the tree is inside the boundary of your property then it will be your tree. Even if it has grown onto your neighbor's property, it will still be considered yours. If the tree is rooted in the boundaries of your neighbor's property then it will belong to them. However, there can be situations when the tree will grow on the property line. This means that you and your neighbor share its ownership, and both of you will be responsible for tree removal service Marietta GA.

Claiming Insurance

After the tree has fallen, you may want to contact your insurance provider. The insurance provider will cover any trees fallen down because of natural causes. The cost of removal and damage will be incurred by your insurance company in this situation. But if the tree has fallen due to negligence then it may not be covered by your insurance provider. So, you must take care of your tree properly and avoid any such instances. You will not have to incur huge losses because of the tree falling.

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