Following a survey of the community, Ankama decided: No launch of Oto-Mustam, but the creation of a brand-new server! Oto-Mustam is becoming old Dofus Kamas and is suffering the complete power of years of absence of moderation and exploitation of bitterness. To make a clean sweep, the Dofus team will therefore give a new server into the overburdened community: Thanatena.

Following the flaw of too much, the host had definitely found itself affected by an abuse that could not be rollback. We needed to find another way to fulfill PvP fans to death without return, and 2 options were provided to gamers: Fully reset the machine to 0, in gear to personalities, something that has not ever been done out the Temporis. Produce a server.

The time to analyze the outcomes was very long and for good reason: Some smart little ones had fun trying to affect the voting procedure. Fortunately, these behaviours were intended and were foiled, allowing the malicious participations to be eliminated by the final count.

The players voted 52% in favor of a brand new server, a comparatively modest margin for movement!

Queen of the Externam, Thanatena was an perfect choice for representing the omnipresent inclination of passing in this game style! Its server will be completely vacant at launch, like a Temporis or even Ilyzaelle in its beginnings, with the very same rules as Oto-Mustam. Please noteit will never be possible to move your character from the old server to the new one and no consolidating will be completed if one of the inhabitants of one of those servers becomes too low. What spice up this very particular hurry.

In order to wait till the next major upgrade, take advantage of the conclusion of the initial chapter of this Eliocalypse with challenges and equipment! Tomorrow will launch a short but fairly large patch for Dofus and to present it, in addition to some news. Eliocalypse, Retro Dofus and Heroic Server were there! It does not matter if you missed it, all the info is gathered!

You may confront the cyclists but! Your fight will be epic and the staff evokes reside a Dungeon, even if the topic seems sensitive of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro! Is it a dungeon from the Qu'tan design? Success 6/6 will provide a fantastic bonus to you. This isn't a prerequisite. Anticipate all the exact same a nicely noted problem,"elitist" according to Korri!