1.Weight Capacity:  The weight capacity of a bike stand upright should be the first thing you look at when making your purchase. Be sure to select one that is rated to support the weight of your bike and any accessories you plan on using.
2. Lockable Security: A lockable security feature can be an important factor for many cyclists as it provides extra safety for their bikes against theft or vandalism. Look for a wall vertical bike mount rack with a secure locking system such as key-locking mechanisms, multiple solid locking points, or integrated cable locks.
3. Adjustability: Look for a upright bike stand that offers adjustable heights and angles so you can customize it to best fit your specific needs and space restrictions.
4. Wheel Compatibility: Not all wall bike racks are compatible with all types of wheels, so it is important to make sure you choose one that is designed specifically for your type of wheeled vehicle (road, mountain or electric).
5. Installation Type: Vertical wall mount bicycle rack come in two main installation types; permanent or temporary/portable installations depending on where and how long you plan on leaving them in place. Consider how often you will need to move the rack around when selecting an appropriate installation type.
6. Durability: A heavy-duty steel construction provides strength and durability while also offering corrosion resistance which makes them ideal for outdoor uses such as parking garages or commercial settings like apartment complexes, hotels or universities with high foot traffic areas used by cyclists looking to park their bikes securely outside of buildings in order to avoid theft risks within enclosed spaces. 
7 .Ease Of Use And Maintenance : When selecting a wall bike rack , keep in mind whether its easy enough for anyone to use without much effort - because if its too complicated, no one will bother using it! Also look into the maintenance requirements associated with each model – some may require regular lubrication while others may need more extensive cleaning from time to time.

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