MakerDAO Clone Script

MakerDAO clone script is the programmed web script that imitates all the core features of the MakerDAO platform. You can create a new stablecoin like (DAI) and develop the DeFi ecosystem based on the stablecoin’s utilities. The script can be used to develop the DeFi DAO platform that governs main principles like lending, staking, borrowings, and investing.


Technical Features in MakerDAO Clone Script

  1. Maker Protocol

Our MakerDAO clone script is equipped with all the smart contract modules that can perform according to the programs set by the maker protocol.

  1. In-built Stablecoin

You can generate a Collateral backed Stablecoin that can be supportive on Ethereum and other main blockchains. The stable coin is the significant value of the unit in the DAO ecosystem you want to create. 

  1. Multiple vault types

Vault is the smart contract program that the users are interacting with to generate their stablecoins. You can set up multiple vault types in the DAO and facilitate coin generation with our MakerDAO clone script

  1. DAO Governance

Our MakerDAO clone script has a governance system based on Maker’s MKR token holders who are responsible for deciding on changes to the Maker protocol. MKR token holders can vote on proposals and set Maker protocol parameters such as the Dai stability fee, debt ceiling, and collateral types.

  1. CMS Admin panel

The platform is entirely controlled by the backend admin panel where you can enable and disable any functionalities. The DAO operation, Fund management, collateral assets monitoring, and approval mechanism can be overviewed in the admin panel.

  1. Wallet Integration

You can allow any cryptocurrency wallets to be usable in your DAO. We made seamless third-party wallet integration in our MakerDAO clone script so that anyone with decentralized wallet access can access the DeFi ecosystem.


Smart Contract Modules in MakerDAO clone script

  1. Collateral Onboarding Module

This module allows MakerDAO to onboard and manage new types of collateral.

  1. Risk Parameter Module

This module allows MakerDAO to set and adjust parameters related to the risk of each type of collateral.

  1. System Governance Module

This module allows MakerDAO to change the rules of the system and adjust parameters.

  1. Liquidation Module

This module allows MakerDAO to liquidate collateral when the corresponding debt is too large.

  1. Price Oracle Module

This module allows MakerDAO to get reliable price information for its assets.

  1. Stability Fee Module

This module allows MakerDAO to adjust the stability fee for its Dai stablecoin.

  1. Savings Module

This module allows users to earn interest on their Dai savings.

  1. CDP Module

This module allows users to create and manage their Collateralized Debt Positions.

  1. Auction Module

 This module allows MakerDAO to auction off debt positions that have been liquidated.


MakerDAO Business Models


  1. Risk Management: MakerDAO offers risk management tools and services to help users manage their exposure to market volatility. This includes the use of Dai, a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, and Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) to protect users from price swings.
  2. Lending and Borrowing: MakerDAO provides a platform for users to lend and borrow Dai, and other digital assets, to facilitate the liquidity of the system.
  3. Platform Services: MakerDAO also offers platform services and products to facilitate the growth and development of the ecosystem. These include the Maker Governance Platform, a decentralized autonomous organization, and the Maker Protocol, a system for creating and issuing Dai.
  4. Asset Management: MakerDAO’s asset management services allow users to securely store and manage their digital assets. This includes the use of multi-signature wallets, and integration with other wallets and exchanges.
  5. Trading: MakerDAO provides a variety of trading services, such as Dai-to-Ether trades, margin trading, and algorithmic trading.
  6. Infrastructure: MakerDAO also provides infrastructure services, such as the Maker Vault, a secure custodial service.


Hivelance - Frontrunner in DAO Development

Hivelance is the early adopter as the DAO development company and has been contributing to a number of DAO projects with full technical infrastructure. We assign a dedicated team for every project and plan the development modules in a more agile way. Being an expert in smart contracts and DeFi platforms development, we can leverage the DAO principles to be coupled with this ecosystem.


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