How Technology has Affected the Game of Cricket

Cricket is a favorite sport across the world, particularly in India. Cricket is sweeping whether you're watching it live on the ground or on TV. We cricket fans enjoy each second and aspect of the game, and the game has kept us stuck to our seats from the very start till the finish of the game. The cricket academy in Bangalore provides the best opportunity to learn with cricket industry experts in a creative and engaging setting.

During a World Cup, various ages of the family meet up and enjoy the game. Every age has its approach to commending or choosing during the extreme part of the game, deciphering it, and significantly more. The game hasn't changed a lot in these years, however, the tech utilized in the game is developing and has made the game much more interesting.

Technology in tournament match has been developing, and these improvements in tech have affected the game and its choices. Technology has been a help for cricket and has essentially affected the game in more ways than one. From player wellness, broadcasting, and hardware to instructing, each component of the game is currently tech-enabled.


Some of the ways in which technology has impacted cricket include:

Further developed Equipment: 

Materials science and manufacturing advances have prompted better cricket equipment, like lighter and stronger bats and protective gear.

Smart bails have a microsensor and lights inside them which illuminates when the ball hits the wickets or the bails. This tech has been a reliever to everybody from watchers to umpires to the players.

Stump mic with camera which records video and sound on the front and back of the wicket. It has been a help for the umpires in making their decision.

Upgraded broadcasting and coverage: Technology has likewise changed how cricket is communicated and covered by the media. TV inclusion has become considerably more modern, utilizing multiple camera points, slow-motion replays, and intelligent graphics.

More advancements have been made as far as communicating where you can see the cricket club chennai as an innovation that has been remunerating for watchers and chiefs in the game. It provides us with an alternate point of view of the match as watchers and furthermore gives various points settling on certain the in-match choices are taken precisely.


This technology assists the bowlers with knowing their ball length, pitching areas, and leg position while bowling. It was presented in 2007 and has been some assistance for bowlers to develop.

Decision Review System (DRS): 

The DRS is a framework that allows teams to challenge the on-field umpire's choice utilizing technology, for example, Hawk-Eye, which utilizes different cameras to follow the way of the ball and decide if it would have hit the stumps.

Snickometer additionally called Snicko was presented in 1990 and was quite possibly the earliest mechanical headway that changed the game by giving the third umpire an additional edge over their decisions.

Expanded fan commitment: 

Technology has additionally helped with expanding fan commitment to cricket. For instance, fans can now get live scores, details, and other data about their favorite teams and players through the TNCA app and mobile applications. Fans can likewise challenge in a live challenge and champs will be highlighted on live TV and on the stadium screens.

Examination and training: 

Technology has likewise been utilized to help players with working on their performance on the field. For instance, players can utilize wearable technology to follow their actual wellness and preparing progress, and mentors can utilize video investigation programming to distinguish areas for improvement.

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