Hair transplantation is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgical procedures at Citrine clinic, a hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon by dermato-surgeons in today’s time. It is done to restore healthy, thick hair growth in areas of thinning hair or baldness on the scalp caused by hair loss (alopecia). The procedure of hair transplant essentially involves the grafting of healthy, thick hair from the back or sides of the head to the frontal, temporal, and vault areas of hair loss in patients suffering from chronic hair loss and having sufficient healthy donor hair on their scalp.

Hair Transplant Surgery: Discussed

Hair transplant surgery can be carried out in either of the two ways: the traditional Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)/Strip method and the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

These techniques only vary in the approach used to harvest the hair follicles for transplant. In the FUT hair transplantation technique, the surgeon makes a linear cut on the donor area of the head to remove a hair-bearing strip of donor tissue.

Before making an incision, the hair of the strip area is trimmed short. Next, the harvested strip is dissected under the microscope to separate the hair follicles for further use. After removal of the strip, the donor area is stitched neatly by the surgeon using a method of Trichophytic closure and when it’s successfully done, the new hair grows through the scar.

In FUE hair transplant, the donor's hair is in the form of small grafts that are directly extracted from the area by use of a micro-punching tool or pen-like motor. These extraction sites later get covered with hair and remain hidden. Lastly, the donor hair follicles are placed one by one in the tiny holes created at the recipient site and both the donor and recipient areas are covered with sterile dressings or bandages.

The transplanted hair usually falls off in about 2-4 weeks post-surgery and new hair growth is noticed only after 3-4 months of hair transplant and it continues to grow till about 8-9 months. Following the hair transplant, the patients are advised to follow post-surgical care instructions.

When done with trained hands, the results of FUT hair transplant in Gurgaon at Citrine Clinic are much better than FUE hair transplant, because the scars left behind by the FUE technique are visible as dotted areas, in the case where the hair graft requirement is more. In just about 45 minutes, the surgeon can harvest the strip and stitch the donor site, following which you can take some rest until the surgeon and team harvest the hair grafts from the strips.

If looking for the best FUT hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Niti Gaur at Citrine Clinic is the best to consider. Dr. Niti Gaur ensures that her hair transplant patients are at comfort throughout the surgery by providing anesthesia to them.

All the FUT hair transplants carried out at Citrine Clinic are done only after a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s scalp condition. Although the cost of FUT hair transplant can vary among patients depending upon the severity of baldness, Citrine Clinic clinic is still considered the most affordable skin and hair clinic in Gurgaon because of the high graft survival ratio.  

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