Flood control wall is a new type of flood control product specially used for urban flood control. This product is especially suitable for flood control in urban streets, doorways, underground passages, buildings, etc. Yongjing shared with you the types and features of flood control walls, hoping to help you.

Types of flood walls

There are two main types of flood control walls: reinforced concrete walls and masonry walls.

Reinforced concrete flood control walls should be used in areas where the foundation is weak, the bearing capacity is small, or is limited by ground conditions. According to experience, the depth of underground embedding is generally tens of centimeters to more than 1 meter. When the wall is high, the design should be carried out to determine the embedding depth to prevent the deformation of the foundation and affect the safety. The width and thickness of the base are determined by the calculation of the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

Do reverse filtration or other forms of reverse filtration on the back toe to reduce seepage pressure. Sometimes the back platform is built with soil on the back surface, which increases stability to a certain extent, and is beneficial to temporary heightening and wave prevention. Under the premise of not affecting the safety of flood control, some cities use the back of flood control walls to green and beautify the soil to add new scenery to the city.

In order to improve the foundation, piles can be driven under the flood control wall to increase the stability of the foundation; in order to prevent seepage, the trenches are often filled with clay or other anti-seepage bodies on the water surface. Some use the river situation as the basis before the impermeable body, and make revetment or block stone revetment to stabilize the embankment. Shanghai, China has a lot of experience in this area. In the flood control wall and seawall project, there are 60 kilometers of reinforced concrete curved anti-wave walls on the top of the walls, and some have curved protective walls to defend against wind and waves.

The masonry flood control wall is stabilized by the masonry's own weight, and is generally divided into two types: one is made of concrete cuboid prefabricated parts and the other is made of block stone. Generally, the upstream surface is vertical, and some designs have a steeper slope, and the backward slope is 1:1.

Flood Control Wall Barrier

Features of flood walls

The characteristics and advantages of flood control walls are mainly to save the area of buildings, which is conducive to the overall planning of the city, and forms a new landscape line with modern roads, overpasses, floors of different heights and other buildings, and is conducive to modern management. According to the needs of urban and transportation development, there will be more development of the urban flood control wall.

Flood control walls can also be used to increase the height of hard dikes to prevent flooding. The product adopts unit module design, which has good airtightness and can form a diversified partition area and quickly drain water. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, quick installation, convenient disassembly and assembly, reusable use, and convenient transportation and storage.

Due to the large span of the unit flood protection wall, in an emergency, the water retaining plate can be removed to serve as a vehicle passage. The flood control wall adopts a special aluminum profile structure to replace the traditional method of stacking water with sandbags, which reduces the labor intensity. The flood control wall is equipped with a special sealing device to ensure the reliability of the product's water blocking. Structure: It is mainly composed of a base, a column, a water retaining plate and a sealing device.

Technical parameters of general flood control wall: Applicable base surface: concrete layer ≥ 80mm; asphalt pavement hard base ≥ 80mm Design wind speed: 6.0m/s.

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