The design and manufacture of syringe moulds are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends largely on the mould design effect and mould manufacturing quality, and the plastic mould design is based on the correct plastic product design.

The structural elements to be considered for the plastic mould design of the syringe are:

①Parting surface, that is, the contact surface of the concave mould and the convex mould when the mould is closed. The choice of its position and form is affected by factors such as product shape and appearance, wall thickness, moulding method, post-processing technology, mould type and structure, demoulding method and moulding machine structure.

②Pouring system, that is, the feed channel from the nozzle of the injection moulding machine to the cavity, including the main channel, the branch channel, the gate and the cold cavity. In particular, the location of the gate should be selected so that the molten plastic fills the cavity in a good flow state. The solid runner and the cold material attached to the product are easily ejected from the mould and cleared when the mould is opened (heat flow (Except Daomo).

③Plastic shrinkage and various factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of products, such as mould manufacturing and assembly errors, mould wear, etc. In addition, when designing compression moulds and injection moulds, the matching of the process and structural parameters of the moulding machine should also be considered. Computer-aided design technology has been widely used in plastic mould design.


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