When I first got home, the screen of my phone was on and a panic enveloped me. It is not the notice that draws attention, but the time. It is 11:56 in the evening.

"Damn it, Daniel." I told myself. "You forgot to water the plants of the factory." Not the actual factory, not the virtual factory. On my animal crossing the island. I tried to improve my Star of the Island rating and spent hours earlier this week organizing various monuments, lining the beach with tropical coconut trees, and decorating the highlands with bushes and flowers. These Animal Crossing Items can be purchased directly on the website, or through Animal Crossing Bells at a fixed location in the game. These are things that can be resolved quickly.

Bushes and trees are easy. Give them enough space and they will grow well. But what about flowers? Flowers bring you. If you want to grow those bad boys, you need to water every day. Think you even got a four-star island without many flower friends?

Even if you don't play animal crossing, you may have heard a lot of information about it. The Switch game sold 13 million copies in just six weeks, which is even more popular than "Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu" and "Eevee". This is a cartoon-style life simulator that can take you to a desolate island and let you turn it into paradise.

For those who have not played animal crossing games before, the fun of this process is difficult to describe. Much of the game's content revolves around fishing, chopping wood, mining stones and crafting. It's very relaxing, but it can stimulate the player when it's goal-oriented. Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on March 20, which coincided with many people in the world entering the corona virus isolation state. This is a perfect game to help alleviate people's anxiety, without any opposing stories or complicated mechanisms.

At least, at first it was a low-commitment pleasure. But now, two months later, this becomes a problem. But specifically, this is not a very serious problem, because players can still operate their homes in a low-commitment manner in the game. When appropriate, they can also adapt to the game faster by purchasing Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, This will definitely help you. At https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells