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Dial91: India’s Leading VoIP Service

Dial91 is India's leading VoIP service and offers a wide range of plans and features to choose from. With Dial91, you can call any landline or mobile number in India for free, as well as make international calls at low rates. You can also use Dial91 to access your voicemail, make video calls, and more. Plus, with Dial91's online chat feature, you can connect with friends and family anytime, anywhere. To get started with Dial91, simply sign up today!

What is Dial91?

Dial91 is India's leading calling card provider, providing an easy and convenient way for Indians to make calls abroad. With Dial91, you can buy prepaid calling cards that are valid for use in over 150 countries. You can use your Dial91 card to make calls from your mobile phone, computer, or any other supported device. You can also use your Dial91 card to make international calls from within India. Dial91 provides a wide range of Calling Cards to choose from, including prepaid cards and top-up cards. There is a Calling Card for every budget and for every need. Whether you're looking for a Calling Card for long distance calls or just need a Calling Card for making local calls, Dial91 has the perfect Calling Card for you!

How Dial91 Works

Dial91 is a calling card service that's popular in India. It lets you make international calls for free or for a small fee. You can use it to call any number in the world.

To use Dial91, you first have to register for an account. This process is simple and takes only a few minutes. After you register, you'll be given a unique Dial91 ID number. You can also create a profile and add your contact information.

When you want to make a call, just enter your Dial91 ID number into the phone and hit dial. The Dial91 service will then connect you with the appropriate international operator. The cost of each call will depend on the country you're calling from and the type of call you're making.

The Benefits of Dial91

Dial91 is one of the best calling cards for India. It offers great value for money and its rates are very low compared to other international calling cards. Dial91 also has a number of other benefits that make it an excellent choice for travellers in India.

One of the main benefits of Dial91 is that its rates are very low. For example, one minute on Dial91 costs only 10 paise (1 US penny). This means that you can call a lot without spending a lot of money.

Another great benefit of Dial91 is that it has a large range of international phone numbers. This means that you can call any country in the world using Dial91. You can also use Dial91 to call landlines and mobiles in India.

Dial91 also has some extra features that make it an excellent choice for travellers in India. These features include voicemail and call waiting, which means that you can save your calls and receive calls without having to answer them right away. Additionally, Dial 91 allows you to set up call forwarding so that incoming calls will be forwarded to another number instead of being answered directly.

Overall, Dial 91 offers great value for money and many extra features that make it an excellent choice for travellers in India.

The Downsides of Dial91

Dial91 is a calling card service that charges lower rates than traditional telephone providers. However, there are some caveats to using Dial91. First, Dial91 only works in select countries. Second, Dial91 charges a higher rate for international calls than traditional telephone providers. Third, Dial91 does not offer voicemail or call forwarding features. Finally, the dialing process is slower than using traditional telephone providers.