Need-based scholarships are a reason many students can continue their graduation and higher studies. These students would have faced several difficulties if these scholarships had not created opportunities for them. Today, governments and institutes offer innumerable need-based scholarships to those who have abilities to achieve big. Here are the top three need-based scholarships offered to college students.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship:

The Elks most valuable student scholarship is for students who belong to the Elks group. The scholarship awards around 500 eligible students every year. The price of this scholarship depends on the student’s performance in different aspects. For instance, their academic and SAT/ACT scores must be impressive. Secondly, they need to showcase good leadership skills by participating in competitions and initiating other programs. If students can do all these well, they can become top 20 Elks scholarship winners and gain a scholarship price of $50,000 across four years. Hence, it is one of the biggest opportunities for those looking for a need-based scholarship.

Questbridge National College Match:

Students going through rough financial hardships can rely on Questbridge national college match to get away from those situations. The scholarship requires no parental contribution. Everything will be handled by the scholarship providers. Again, students will have to perform exceptionally well in their academics and SAT/ACT. This scholarship supports more than 1000 students every year. If you want to benefit from this scholarship, too, you need to pay attention to your writing and intellectual skills. In this way, you gain the price and spend your college life without worrying about finances.

The Reagan Scholarship:

The Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program supports students who need financial aid. If students manage to score a minimum of 3.0 GPA and display qualities like leadership, drive, citizenship, integrity, etc., they are more likely to win this scholarship. This is one of those scholarships that are renewable. In short, winners can get $10,000 every year for four years. It makes the total scholarship amount to be $40,000. But for this, students need to continue to showcase their abilities and excellent performance.

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