As a remedy, can we get some f2p worlds if OSRS gold nothing else? Even during peak times, almost every f2p world besides planet 3/auto-login world has significantly less 150 players onto it, and 3 tick delay is all but completely lost on f2pers since hardly any of their content is affected. You can find 19 f2p British worlds that are not heritage just, if you repurpose for members and choose 10 of these, there might be f2pers on line at once before there's a waiting list. And of course you would attract the p2p non-legacy english worlds ie theoretically reducing population of others by a little over 10%.

Not to mention, in doing this, new players may observe there are far more people about the f2p worlds and be more inclined to play a game that is apparently somewhat full and popular, and f2p players that want it to be crowded may pull out a credit card and finally get that subscription they have been contemplating. I like this thought, it wouldnt be a solution, but it would help. Its very workable that there is less competition for resources than in f2p.

I like the tick speed for the same reasons you hate it. Can recover an action I forget to perform as long as it is within the time period provided by the Hurry speed of rs. But yeah what else I agree with, especially the shit servers. I wanted to begin learning Telos but performing Vindicta with those servers would be a garbage experience. I become mid 40s kills but because these servers are amazingly shit when there's more than 200 ppl are in a 35, that I have to junk my clicks and orbits.

I believe that tick rates are an issue as soon as you get your head about ticks work. You can use them for your advantage. They've made prototypes of RuneScape without a tick system, and kept coming back saying that it didn't'feel' like RuneScape whatsoever. It could be quite the challenge to not alienate your entire playerbase, but also to remove ticks. It is not an issue of knowing how cats operate. It is just like taking a swim in a river that is shit that in a action bar combat game, having a 600ms delay your activities feels.

Good point. I leaned more. We need to feel how it felt, so what would need to be much quicker such as boss strikes to buy RS gold, so you have to slow them down - leading you to be back where you began. Everything in RuneScape is balanced around that tick rate, so you would need to balance back everything into the pace that was new, basically reworking the entire game - seconds would be seconds till u reworked that.