How online Islamic Institute provides best Moral Education to Budding Muslims.


We at Online Islamic Institute, put our best efforts into making ‘every Muslim- A Practicing Muslim’. And to be a good practicing Muslim, one has to be at the best of his/ her Akhlaq. Keep in mind that one cannot be a Good Muslim until one is not a good person and a good citizen.


Online Islamic Institute understands moral education as:

  1. Maintaining good and helping behavior in school and society, irrespective of the religion of people we meet.
  2. Spreading salam and using decent language with each and every one.
  3. Helping mother in household activities, as far as possible.
  4. Helping siblings in day-to-day activities, keeping the pleasure of Allah in mind.
  5. Other activities which show the humbleness and devotion of a person like massaging the feet of parents, serving water to guests etc.


Hence, Online Islamic Institute doesn't intend to teach Arabic only, although we provide the best Qari as a teacher to our students and teach them to read and recite Quran with Tajweed. We strive to provide "Moral Education along with Quran and Hadith". 


If you are also interested to teach your kids Quran and Akhlaq through online classes, then you may visit our website and register for 15 days free demo class.


Here are a few practical ways to enhance morality in kids during online islamic classes:

  1. Every alternate Saturday in Online Islamic Institute is dedicated to Moral Education and no other teachings. Where we motivate kids to be best in character.
  2. In our online classes, we include special moral books for students. The Online Islamic Institute syllabus includes Moral story books named "Sachhi Kahaniya" i.e. True stories. This book contains life events from seerat-un-nabi and seerat-us-sahaba. The teacher dictates this story to kids to boost their Akhlaq.
  3. The teacher in online classes keeps reminding students about the pious activities that a person must do in order to please Allah swt.
  4. Online Islamic Institute’s textbook has various checklists of sunnah and moral tasks which are checked by our students after accomplishment.
  5. During Ramadan, Online Islamic Institute conducts various activities for its students and everyone outside the institute which focus mainly on Akhlaq and Ibadah.



These are some of the practical ways how we at our online classes teach and make implement Moral Education by the students of Online Islamic Institute. And Alhamdulillah, with years of experience we are able to find the result in our students who are coming up with the best of Akhlaq and representing the beauty of Islam to the non-Muslim society.



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