Remember Red from the all-time classic Shawshank Redemption – he was the man who could get things done. But how is it related to ONA?

Every organization has a set of people who are ‘go-to’ or reliable to get a task done. It may be someone with knowledge of finance or a piece of research – it is that one person who everyone turns to. 

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a scientific and structured way to tap into these internal communications within an organization. Understanding ONA will strengthen the visualization of these small inner circles, circulation of information, and flow of decisions. 

Such analysis is a vital spark for organizations as they acknowledge employees and aid in enhancing the employee experience. In this article, you will learn more about what are ONAs and how are they helpful for an organization’s success-

Power of Networking

According to Delloite, there are three types of people in an organization. Central Nodes are the ones that are energizers – the ones that everyone likes and are on good terms with all. 

Knowledge Brokers are the mediators between nodes and peripherals. Peripherals are introverts and people who are mostly just into themselves and their work. All three kinds of people are part of the organization’s network and eventually, they develop ties with time.

After the pandemic, connectivity is an essential part of workforce management. It impacts employee well-being, engagement, agility, and productivity. ONA gives an overview of how exactly people work in a network. Through this HR leaders can revamp their talent strategy and contemplate new methods of workforce collaboration.

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