What is an audio testimonial? Why has it become so popular? Audio testimonials have become a super hit among people because of various reasons. It enables you to collect reviews from your customers with utmost ease. These reviews help you attract more customers because they gain trust in your business. But why do customers click on audio testimonials? What is the psychology behind it?


Customers click on audio testimonials or voice NFT because of curiosity. Most people are curious about what others have to say about the product they are about to purchase. Sometimes, audio testimonials also include some information about how the brand provided customer service and whether it was worth it or not. So, because of this curiosity, the potential customer clicks on it and tries to know more about your product service, or brand. They want to know much more about your product than what you have listed on the website.

How to collect audio testimonials?

Interviewing customers

The first thing you need to do is interview customers about the experience they have heard. You can also ask them to elaborate on their experience in the best way possible. But there may be better ways for getting an audio testimonial than this as you will have to meet the customer personally and record it with a recorder in your hand. They may not feel comfortable sharing their feedback when you are in front of them.

Embedded recorder

If you want to make the entire process seamless and hassle-free for your customers, you can add an embedded recorder on your website. Using it, customers can directly record their customer testimonials. You can also share the link to the recorder with them through text message or email. After the customer has completed the purchase, you can redirect them to the page that has the recorder.


Another unique way of recording audio testimonials is with the help of testimonial software. You can add an audio feature to your software which can be an effective option for getting customer testimonials. Using the software, your customers can efficiently record messages without difficulties. You can share these testimonials according to your requirements.

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