If you’ve been watching the ads for one of the most popular Brazilian steakhouses in the US, it’s time to read a little more about the cuisine they serve their diners. They have over sixty dining locations across America, so it will be interesting to upgrade your knowledge about possibly the best Brazilian steakhouse in Houston. A personal touch can impress a customer, so the best restaurant for you might not be the same for someone else.

What are the basics I should know?

Since you are tempted to step into a Brazilian steakhouse, you should know it’s like a banquet at the end of an Asterix comic. You’ll find flavorful meat on skewers sliced onto a diner’s plate, various all-you-can-eat options, vinegary toppings, and delicious desserts. It seems like many delicious steakhouse restaurants in Houston serves enough food in one day to feed an army! But have you ever wondered about the history behind Brazilian steakhouses and why it is different from traditional American ones?

Many know of them as Brazilian steakhouses, but their true name is a “churrascaria.” The meaning of this word in Portuguese is “barbecue” because of how the meat is cooked. Churrasco style means the meat is grilled on an open flame. Most often, a skewer is used for this style of cooking. 

Three notes on Brazilian steakhouses

  • Set your time machine to the 1800s: Churrasco cooking originated in the 1800s from the rural  nomadic horseback riders that herded cattle for their meat and were called “gauchos.” Roasting beef on skewers over an open flame became the norm because it enhanced the flavor of their food. The gauchos would bring home their skewers of beef to family and friends to serve the meat “rodizio,” sliced from the skewer. This style is still commonly used in delicious steakhouse restaurants in Houston serving Brazilian cuisine.

  • Get dazed by over 20 different types of meat: The most popular options of meats for your meals - picanha (prime sirloin), followed by alcatra (top sirloin), filet com alho (filet mignon with garlic), maminha (rump steak), and costela de Ripa (beef short ribs). Churrascarias also serve pork loin, sausage, lamb, chicken, and fish.

  • Do you want to avoid beef?: Lombo is a popular alternative for beef in Brazil. The best cuts of pork loin are dressed in a parmesan cheese coating and grilled. 

Now you have a little background about all that commotion behind going for Brazilian food instead of Mexican. Make the right choice by visiting what you all consider the best Brazilian steakhouse in Houston!