What happens if I miss my flight British Airways?

British Airways is a very popular airline. As a passenger you will always feel safe and secured with this airline. In case you are wondering what happens if I miss my flight British Airways then this is the post that can guide you. One thing you should know that this airline does not give refunds to the passengers in case they miss the flight. In certain cases, you can get the chance to book the next flight but you need to pay the fare difference if you have missed the flight with this airline.

British Airways missed flight policy is quite simple. The important points are:

  • If you miss the flight due to connecting flight and the connecting flight is of this airline then you do not need to pay compensation fee.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, you can book next flight by just paying fare difference and you can avoid compensation fee.
  • You cannot avoid compensation fee if you missed the flight due to security check-in issue in the airport.

British Airways missed flight policy is passenger-friendly. Just keep the points given above in your mind.