vfx solutions

Studios needing VFX or 3D solutions often have challenges finding the right fit. It is hard to find companies with the skills and reputation to deliver at a cost that does not hurt your pockets.

At FXiation Digitals, we help you overcome this challenge by providing customized and tailored VFX and Animation solutions supported by a flexible Pricing Model and a significantly experienced team.

Started in early 2015, FXiation Digitals has worked with clients like Netflix, FIFA, National Geographic, and AMC. Not just that. We have assisted globally with some of the most fabulous advertisements, music videos, television episodes, and feature films. Please do check out our Portfolio Page to know more.

As of 2022, we have delivered close to 15000+ shots and completed 1000+ projects for clients based worldwide. This achievement is driven by our attitude and commitment as a VFX studio to deliver perfectly on every project that we commit to.

So please do connect with us if you are looking for highly scalable and cost-effective post-production services. We make it possible for everyone to add visual effects to their production.

Visit us at http://www.fxiationdigitals.com/ to know more about us, or reach out to us to discuss your next project or get insights on how to approach your project for VFX or Animation at hello@fxiationdigitals.com.