Hide Ark is a game that dark web was released in 2014. The game is a first person shooter and allows the players to explore a desert island and find hidden items. There are also creatures and artefacts in the game that can be used to fight off other players.

Ark is a survival game in which you must find a way to survive. One of the resources you will need is Hide. It is a material that you can use to create clothes, saddles and more. However, obtaining hide in bulk can be difficult. The best way to obtain a large amount of Hide is to harvest it from tamed Dinos.

Some of the most effective tames for hunting hide are Phiomia and Sabertooth. Both are incredibly strong, but Sabertooth is a little less difficult to tame. This means it is an excellent choice for killing and harvesting hide at the same time.

A Chainsaw or Metal Hatchet can be used to gather hide from corpses. However, these tools are not as efficient as a Stone Hatchet. They are more useful for gathering renewable resources.

ARK has a large variety of dinosaurs and other creatures. However, many early carnivores are less efficient Hide producers. Fortunately, there are some cheaper alternatives.

Early game players can hunt small creatures with a spear or bow. Parasaurs, dilo's and Dodos are easy targets to kill. You will not have access to weapon schematics, but this doesn't mean you can't kill them.

When you have access to a Metal Hatchet, you will be able to harvest more hide from any creature. It is also the most efficient tool for collecting hide.

In later levels, you can purchase Engrams. Engrams are blueprints for new weapons and clothing. As you progress, you can buy more powerful Dinos that will allow you to farm more hide.

In addition to acquiring Hide, ARK also requires you to build a shelter. To build a shelter, you will need a safe area with trees and water.
Console commands

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer game showcasing hundreds of creatures, a corrupted landscape, and colonial ships. You can use console commands to improve your experience, add custom items, and even make a god. Here's how to do it.

First, connect to an ARK server. Once you're in, click the ARK console. This will launch a window that takes up the entire top of your screen. When you type an ARK command, the window will show you previous ones. The most interesting one is the GMSummon, which spawns a tamed creature of your choice at a specified level.

Next, open the special menu. There are several options in this menu, including a search for IDs for NPCs and item codes. Also, there's a feature to change your character's name. A macro command can be run, which is helpful if you're planning on going bounty hunting in the future.

Finally, the best ARK command is the ForceBlueprint, which provides you with a blueprint and item of your choosing. It's also a fun one to play around with, as you can use it to spawn hundreds of dinos with saddles. If you want to know more, you can check out this wiki!

Using console commands is a lot of fun and can bring you to new levels of ARK: Survival Evolved fun. However, be aware that some of these are not for everyone, so do a little research before committing to anything. For example, the ForceBlueprint command is only available to players who are a member of an ARK: SE server.

ARK commands are also useful for taming dinosaurs, flying, and spawning custom items. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet, you'll find some great things to do with these helpful tips.

Artefacts are a special type of item in ARK: Survival Evolved. They are found in various locations, primarily caves and underwater. Each artifact has a Durability rating that determines its durability. An artifact's durability is lost each year, and will be restored if reforged.

Artifacts are found in the deepest of caves. Some artifacts are placed on pedestals for decoration purposes. A few artifacts are located in the Royal Courts of certain characters. This requires the purchase of the Royal Court DLC. The court is a place where up to 15 artifacts can be displayed. If a character does not have an artifact, he or she will receive a Court Grandeur bonus.

Artifacts can also be used to summon special bosses. In most maps, more than one artifact is required for the start of a boss. However, in some maps, such as the Vannaland continent, only a single artifact is needed.

There are currently 21 artifacts in the game. They are split into two categories: historical and adventure. Historical artifacts have mostly fixed effects, but can be modified through Adventure inspirations. Occasionally, Inspirations will be granted to landless characters, allowing them to create an artifact.

All characters have a claim on a large wall ornament, the Dynasty Banner. The cost of an inspired visit depends on the character's skill level. Young children must wait until they are 13 to finance an inspiration. During the Court Grandeur event, the chance of gaining an Inspired character's visit increases.

Artifacts can be created through a Commission Artifact decision. These decisions cost 100 Gold, and allow the ruler to choose the type of artifact he or she would like to purchase.