An ethical hacker is a terminology that is used to elaborate White Hat Hacker. They leverage penetration testing techniques to check the security status of an organization's IT structure. This helps the IT security team identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. There are no specific requirements for those interested in a career in ethical hacking certification training.

On the other hand, having a bachelor's or post-grad degree in math, computer science or information security and even taking an online cybersecurity course can help. The CEH certification is popular because it validates the knowledge of cybersecurity professionals and is vendor-neutral. Those who can clear this CEH exam can receive the CEH certificate.

Individuals who select to go ahead with CEH must showcase their proof related to their experience, degree and credential. You must have at least two years of professional experience in the data protection field.

Those who lack the requisite professional experience must prove that they have completed the relevant training and will be assessed. The CEH exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions (MCQ), each lasting 4 hours, using EC-Council test identity code 312-50. This type of question involves various ethical hacking techniques. Holders of a CNDA/CEH certificate and one or more EU-Council certificates need to again attempt the exam in three years. It also requires a minimum of 120 credits, on the other side.

After the candidate gets the CEH certification, the next step is to take the Certified Ethical Hacker practice exam. The Certified Ethical Hacker exam time is 6 hours. The exam is conducted in a laboratory and requires candidates to demonstrate certain ethical hacking skills. This includes vulnerability scanning, web application hacking, operating system detection, threat vector detection, network scanning and other talents. These features allow you to perform security testing tasks. Certification is required if you do not have a Certified Ethical Hacker certification in the USA so that you can get eligibility to proactively manage cyber risks and future attack attempts.

CEH Examination Education Requirements: 

As previously mentioned, there are no set educational prerequisites to becoming an ethical hacker. Usually, this position is highly valued by companies. First of all, you should know that a bachelor's or master's degree in data protection, computer programming, or mathematics will be beneficial for the candidate.

This also applies to those who work in organizations after graduating from college. Candidates having military experience, especially in intelligence, will be highly appreciated. 

CEH certification costs in 2023:

Unlike other IT certifications, the CEH requires an application. During the registration process, the EC-Council will want to know if he has completed formal CEH training or has at least two years of security experience. You will also be billed for each step.

Exam Application:

EC-Councils demonstrate the application process and see whether the candidate has completed an approved CEH training course or has expertise.

On the initial, ensure to meet the requirements of the EC-eligibility Council. The preferred route is to enroll in EC-CEH Council's courses. It guides you through all sections and modules assessed at CEH and provides complete information. To take CEH courses other than EC-Council, you must apply for a waiver to take the exam without addressing the standards. The argument is valid, but with two years of experience in information security, approval is questionable.

CEH Exam Cost: 

Depending on how and where you take the exam, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification costs between $950 and $1,119.

The CEH exam voucher consists of several parts. The two core packages are differentiated by whether you are attempting the online test at an accredited testing center of EC-Council or at a Pearson VUE testing center. The need for test proctoring is one of the most crucial elements of pricing, and your choices here affect the overall cost. Moderators must be eligible members of the EC-Council and need to see the test and applicants during the test. Additional charges may apply if the moderator is unavailable. If you want to use the EC-Council monitor, you need to install software to remotely monitor your system. This will allow them to see everything and everything that happens. They can see what apps you open and what websites you visit on your computer, and they can disable all screen recording features. They turn on the camera of the system and when the PC is ready for authorization, it shows the real location of the user's environment. I

The CEH exam voucher is $950 when taken online or at an EU-Council-accredited center. Providing a moderator will incur an additional $100 fee. The value of the coupon to be picked up at a Pearson VUE test center is $1,199.

CEH Training Costs: 

CEH with Training -

EC-Council's base training costs to become a Certified Ethical Hacker include the following:

A certified ethical hacker training program costs $850 to $2,999. The Cost of the Certified Ethical Hacker exam is $1,199. Remote monitoring by certified ethical hackers costs $100 extra.

CEH training at your own pace: 

Self-study options and starting points for the CEH assessment include the following:

A certified ethical hacking program (6 months) costs between $250 and $600. The Certified Ethical Hacker exam costs $1,199. Remote monitoring by certified ethical hackers costs $100. Certified Ethical Hacker cost is $100. Certified Ethical Hackers range in price from $1699 to $2049.

Retaking the CEH Exam:

If a candidate fails the EC Council test, they will receive an ECC Test Center voucher to retake the test at a discounted rate. In the worst case, if you fail the first time, you can take it right back. If the candidate still fails the second test, he/she will have to wait two weeks for the fourth test and post it, and you have to wait for one year. Before buying a CEH retake exam voucher of $499, you need to first ask for the re-attempt of examination of the EC-Council. Well, it is suggested that applicants who fail for 3 consecutive years are encouraged to complete formal practical training to meet certification requirements.

Wrapping up:

Certified Ethical Hackers are professionals who have proved themselves in terms of cybersecurity skills and capabilities. This makes them work in collaboration with each other and safeguard the organization's digital infrastructure from malicious viruses, malware and other cyber-attacks.

Getting EC-Council's Ethical Hacking Certification isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of effort. You will get eligibility for attempting the exam without too much difficulty if you complete all the necessary modules and work, take regular mock tests and concentrate until you become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

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