Breeze Airways cancellation policy

Breeze Airways is an airline that has always been reliable airline for the passengers. It is an airline with good cancellation policy. If you want to know about Breeze Airways cancellation policy then this is the post for you.

Cancellation policy of Breeze Airways

  • It is easy to cancel flight ticket booking within 24 hours of booking it irrespective of the type of flight ticket you have booked.
  • In case you are looking to cancel flight booking due to health issues, then providing documents can help you to get full refund easily.
  • In case of bad weather if the airline cancels the flight booking, then you will get full refund without any questions being asked.

These are the major points of the cancellation policy that you should keep in mind.

Cancellation fee of Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways cancellation fee is not huge as it charges around 100 USD. In case you have cancelled the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking it then you will be charged no cancellation charges. If the airline cancels the flight ticket, then also you can avoid paying any cancellation fee, without any doubts.