Animal totems, also known as spirit animals, have often been used through history by all cultures. It is now the native Americans who are most strongly associated with their use. Their totem poles represent groups of totem animals. These are spirit guides which people consult for spiritual guidance to help them with their physical life. This can enhance self awareness and give insights into our lives and those of the people around us.

Using spirit animals as guides can give us inspiration on how to behave and respond in our everyday lives. Sometimes an animal will make itself known to you at a time when this guidance will be most helpful to you. It is important to remain open to this happening in order to recognise when it happens. This open state of mind is also useful for assimilating insights and making real changes in your life.

Animal symbols may come to you in dreams or whilst meditating. Find out about the characteristics of these animals and think about how these could help you with situations in your own life.

The rat as a spirit animal signifies restlessness and success. As a totem or spirit animal it may be a sign of being unsettled. It is a reminder of the need to be shrewd in business affairs. The rat also demonstrates how to be resilient and survive despite extreme difficulty. This is through adaptability in both an emotional and physical manner. It has a year-round cycle of power.