More and more people are losing their hair, balding boys are not a few, many choose hair pieces for men. Faced with a bad image, many people turn to the simple and direct solution - a wig. Wigs I believe we are not strange, in the past cognition of the general bald people will choose a wig, even if there is no hair loss can also choose a wig to change the shape. The popularity of wigs can be seen in the huge number of wigs sold online.
Men are definitely not recommended to wear a bald wig, no matter how you look at it is not realistic, unless it is a head customized PU net bottom made of wig, if so, it is very stuffy, because it is not breathable!
If the subject intends to wear for a long time, according to the material, it is not recommended to buy high temperature silk, etc., although cheap, but the price is not high, it is recommended to buy real hair, looking very real, you can also trim. Process, divided into mechanism, hand weaving and needle rotation, the difference is as follows, I believe that the subject can see the difference, needle handing process is currently the best wig inside, looking very real, just like their scalp.Press alopecia area for, general head alopecia can choose to replace hair block, according to alopecia area chooses the wig block of corresponding area. The wig comes with a windproof BB clip, which can be clipped to your hair to prevent it from falling off, so you don't need to shave your hair. If the subject hair loss area is not very large can choose hair pieces for men.If the amount of hair on the head is very small, you can choose the full head. Now the inner net of the head is very breathable and it is sterile net with adjusting buckle, which can be adjusted according to the size of your head.