Daily users of QuickBooks accounting software encounter many kinds of complex technical difficulties. Although there are several possible causes for these errors, these technological glitches tend to hinder QuickBooks’ accounting functions permanently.

The QuickBooks Error Code 6155 can be caused due to several factors. The primary reason for triggering Error 6155 is damage to the files necessary for the QuickBooks installation. It usually happens when users try to operate their files when the company uses QuickBooks. Hence, the user comes to a standstill where they cannot operate their file of the company or employ features of QuickBooks.

This blog will discuss QuickBooks Error 6155, the leading causes behind it, and how you can resolve it. So, don’t worry if you also face the same error while operating the QuickBooks software. Let’s fix it together.

The Factors triggering Error 6155 of QuickBooks

  • Incomplete or damaged installation of QuickBooks Software on the system
  • Absence of a company file inside the installation directory of QuickBooks
  • The company file might be contaminated due to a damaging virus or malware attack.
  • Whenever a user is operating with outdated QuickBooks software
  • Data damage and corruption in company files of QuickBooks software
  • Whenever the user is trying to operate the company file, which is Read-only

Methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6155 quickly

Method 1: Update the Application of QuickBooks Software

Method 2: Run the File Doctor Tool of QuickBooks to fix a faulty company file

Method 3: Try modifying the QuickBooks company file’s attribute to Non-Read-only

Method 4: Install the software again by using the Clean Install Tool of QuickBooks

Wrapping up

The above blog has covered almost all the possible steps to fix QuickBooks Error 6155. Therefore, following the steps till the end ensures that Error 6155 will be resolved. However, if a user still faces the same Error 6155, it is suggested to contact the QuickBooks Error support team 1-800-615-2347.