But in the weeks and months there wow gold have been minor alterations. Yet again, Blizzard is made to change just a detail so that WoW Classic remains a favorite. What's going to be changed? There are portals in both camps that you utilize to leave the battle. From today on, these portals may therefore guarantee that gamers are thrown from the battle and don't have any function.

What was the problem? Blizzard doesn't offer the precise reason, but speaks of the truth that"there has been an increased amount of reports which these portals are employed in an unfair fashion". Blizzard considers the change will eliminate the possibility of abuse without interfering with WoW's normal path of this Warsong Gulch battle.

The"unfair way" is all about priests that take competitions with brain control and then let them run into the portal. Fear effects could also drive players and so make sure that the corresponding player leaves the battle and is branded as a deserter. The portals are deactivated, to create this behaviour impossible. However there were humorous stories with brain control.

Do you leave the battle? If you want to leave a battle prematurely later on, you have to do it in a different way, such as by inputting"/ afk". Participants indicated as"afk" will be removed from the battlefield immediately. Later on, in addition to using the rock or alternative teleportations, this will be the only means.

This is how the community responds: The statement in the forum causes two reactions: One group finds it great to buy wow classic gold that Blizzard is working against this type of which makes it impossible and griefing. Another component, however, finds that you gradually moves away from the aim of the"#NoChanges" and bit by bit spins on WoW Classic till it is a very different game. How can you consider that?