A multifunctional tractor attachment called a cultivator is primarily used to prepare the soil before sowing with the least amount of labour, fuel, and time needed. Farmers benefit from pulling weeds and adding fertilisers, manure, and crop residue to the soil. Farmers can use it to break up the dirt beside crops after they have been sown, which will assist the crops receive the right temperature and a healthy environment to flourish. The cultivators are divided into three categories: disc cultivators, surface cultivators, and shovel cultivators depending on the types of soil cutting portion they use. Cultivators may be divided into hand operated, animal drawn, and tractor drawn kinds based on the source of power they employ.

Each of them has a unique set of features and works with tractors of varying horsepower. 

The cultivators are mainly divided into 4 types.described below

Types Of Cultivators

  • Disc Harrows.
  • Tine / Chain Harrows.
  • Spring Tine Cultivators.
  • Rigid Tine Cultivators.

The price range of cultivators in India is 16000-120000. The width range is 10 FT  to  80 FT.

A hand tiller, also called a 3-tine cultivator or 4-tine cultivator, is the most perfect machine as a tiny backyard tiller for gardening needs. Its primary function is to break up the soil with its tiny tines.

The variety of tractor cultivators has 53 popular cultivators, including Rigid, Cultivator, CT-900 (7 Feet), 11 Tyne, Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator, and many more. You may get a small tractor cultivator here in a variety of brands and types.

Top Brands - 

KhetiGaadi helps you to select the best cultivator for your tractor..

  • Fieldking, 
  • Universal, 
  • John Deere, 
  • Swaraj cultivators
  • Khedut, 
  • Landforce, 
  • Sonalika,
  • SaiAgro
  • Mahindra cultivators
  • Spring cultivator

Importance of Protected cultivation 

  • The Crop is protected from frost, wind, rain, storms, and cold.
  • Because of the regulated environment, plant development and crop maturation are greater.
  • Improved quality & amount of manufacture with long period of time
  • Use of water is  optimized and there's reduction in its consumption by 40-50%
  • Effective utilization of inputs
  • Crops will be full-grown throughout the year.
  • The best technique for producing high-value crops like flowers and medicinal plants industrially. Can be used to star-dry agricultural products

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Que. Is Khetigaadi a Trusted Platform to buy a Cultivator?

Ans. Yes, khetigaadi is the Trusted platform to buy a Cultivator.

2.Que.What is Tractor cultivator Price in India? 

Ans. The price of a tractor cultivator typically ranges from Rs. 16000 to Rs. 120000.

3.Que.What is the width of the cultivator?

Ans. The width of 10 FT  to  80 FT.

4.Que.What are the types of cultivators?

Ans. Types of the cultivators areDisc Harrows,.Tine / Chain Harrows,.Spring Tine Cultivators.and Rigid Tine Cultivators.

5.Que. Which companies are best for the Cultivator?Ans. John Deere, Fieldking, Universal and Landforce companies are best for the Cultivator.