The Knapsack Power Sprayer is compact in structure, easy to operate, simple and convenient to operate, stable in performance, easy to maintain, and ensures the efficiency of operation. The frame adopts a reinforced structure, which has the characteristics of abrasion resistance and durability. It is suitable for spraying agriculture and liquid fertilizer on large areas such as fruit forests, nurseries, farmland, lawn, etc. It greatly reduces the intensity of field operations, and at the same time can easily complete the cleaning and cleaning of vehicles, equipment, walls, doors, and windows, and large-area epidemic prevention, as well as humidification and spraying of garden flowers.

It can also be applied to small-scale fire extinguishing, reducing the loss caused by the spread of fire, and it is a powerful assistant for enterprises to reduce property losses when necessary. Agricultural pest control; cotton, soybean, corn, potato, castor, sunflower, etc., quickly kill locusts and large-area agricultural and forestry pest control, field net shelterbelts, fast-growing poplar forests, economic forests, highways on both sides of the green belt, urban street trees, and other tall trees The prevention and control of pests and diseases. Good at complex terrain operations in the field, fully applicable to various working environments in villages, towns, and rural areas, with high air volume and high air pressure combined with wet fog forest fire extinguishing effect is remarkable.

It can be used for dust reduction and cooling in factories, coal mines, iron casting plants, highways, and demolition sites. Large-scale disinfection and epidemic prevention after floods, fires, and natural disasters. Deodorization of garbage dumps, large-scale sterilization and deworming, sanitation, and epidemic prevention.

  1. It is suitable for pest control of field crops, gardens, and fruit trees, and disinfection of livestock and poultry.
  2. Cleaning various vehicles, machinery, and equipment, cleaning walls and floors, etc.
  3. Dredging channels and pipelines: 3km water delivery on flat ground, 1km water delivery on a 45-degree slope.
  4. This machine is not suitable for the use of insoluble powdered pesticides, otherwise, it will easily cause machine blockage and accelerate machine wear.

Features of gasoline sprayer:

  1. High power, low fuel consumption, strong pressure, uniform atomization, high/far range;
  2. It can be operated by multiple people at the same time, with high efficiency, low drug use, strong adhesion, and lowering the cost of prevention and control;
  3. Simple operation, safe use, and convenient maintenance.
  4. The scope of operation is larger and the efficiency is higher.
  5. It can be sprayed with spray, direct current cleaning, and a water jet, which is especially suitable for field operations.

6 The product adopts an environmentally friendly engine with strong power, low fuel consumption, good durability, high quality, low price, cast steel gearbox, durable.

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