How Can I Change My FlySafair Flight Without Paying a Fee?

There are no refunds for standard FlySafair tickets. The air authority allows you to change your ticket's dates, itineraries, or passenger names for a modest price in the event that you need to cancel your trip. Can I change FlySafair flight for free? This upgrade was created as a result of feedback we received from consumers who wanted to be able to cancel tickets. Only when making your initial reservation on is it possible to upgrade your seat for R200 per ticket. You must inform FlySafair more than 3 days before to the flight's departure if you must cancel your vacation for any reason. Your purchase, as per FlySafair flight change policy, will be fully refunded in the form of a voucher that can be used to book any future flight, less an R300 admin fee per passenger per flight. These vouchers are good for a full year after they are issued. Now we will be discussing 6 tricks to cancel FlySafair flight without cancellation fee.

Steps To change FlySafair flight 

  1. Do in-depth research
  2. Change within 24 hours of booking
  3. Do you have an elite status in a membership club? If not, please increase your status
  4. Check if you have trip cancellation insurance
  5. Cancel the flight in the same day of booking
  6. Get in touch with the passenger care professional

FlySafair flight Change Fee

You will receive information through email on how to cancel with or without paying the FlySafair flight change fee while purchasing the upgrading facility. Utilizing the online application form on this page is the simplest way to cancel. Any of our channels can be used to get in touch with us. You only need to sign in to our Modify Bookings Portal by clicking here in order to change your flights online. To log in, you will want your last name and booking reference. You can review the flights you have booked once you have logged in.