Before I gone in to that investment, or even recommended them to the others, which consisted of several renovated properties converted into HMO's for students (Houses of Multiple Occupation) I investigated the business thoroughly. (Note the company and place of these properties isn't mentioned in this report for appropriate reasons). I checked out at the least 6 of their house conversions, spoke to their rentals persons,

and talked with many present investors. I needed my company partner at the time with me to look at my findings. I was also encouraged by the fact that these individuals were spending (and still are spending) a bundle in the big national papers (Sunday Situations, Telegraph, and so forth), and had made a whole selection of sleek brochures burning their claims.

Some of the larger off-plan developments were also being highlighted in a two-page distribute in one of many UK's primary property magazines. Not only this, but they had (and however do have) very large exhibition stands at numerous the primary UK House Shows.

Every thing appeared to compare, therefore I ordered several them, and inspired my friends, close household, and business colleagues to get some also. I compensated my reservation fees, and only resolved down to attend for these to be completed, and to begin generating some surplus cash every month.

The first occasion in the cycle of things was that the properties were very late in being completed, so we were in danger of dropping the scholar intake for fall 2005, however the investment however looked very good, and anyhow we'd all changed contracts by then. And, obviously,

we all thought we had at least an 11% equity keeping in each house, plus the usual development of Sepehr Heidarian Scam Exposed 4-6 % from last year. Also, when requested if we could examine them prior to completion, we were told - "Sorry, as you have tenants in them, you have to offer 48 hours or more notice" ;.Proper we did apply for visits no one could find the keys... Where were my alarm alarms I hear you question - Obviously on Silent Style!